Tuesday, July 01, 2008


Happy Tuesday!
Part of our roles as wife and mother is to keep a nice clean and safe place for our family to live. A place where our husbands can come home, take there shoes off and be served a hot meal. The children should be clean and well mannered. Do you remember in the 50's how the wife would be waiting with some kind of drink for there husbands---and then they would sit in there favorite chair and sip there drink while the finishing touches were made on dinner. Kevin is not a drinker, but he does love a nice cold Coke--it has to be Coke, not Pepsi. There was no whining or nagging or complaining. I have learned to not drop everything on my husbands lap right when he comes home--I wait a while now;) When I hear his car I will quickly run upstairs and spray my perfume on me to freshen up:) Okay to some of you this may make you smile, to others it may make you roll your eyes and sigh---all I am saying is this is how I am--I love being a wife and I love being a mother---and I love being a SAHM all together:) When you can learn to embrace what your role in life is, you will love it and want to do it to the best of your ability. I am so thrilled when my husband will tell his friends, that no body can cook like his wife--no body can throw a party like his wife and no body loves his children more then their mother..it is a feeling I can't explain, but if you are like me, then you can totally relate and understand.

Alexis has not been feeling well this morning, so she is resting on the couch, she has been on the go non-stop with playdates, party's and ballet recitals and I think her little body is trying to tell her to rest.--and the baby is playing around her too--I am using this day of rest, to do things in the house. After the party, lets just say, my living room carpet is no longer pretty--but rather icky--so I am having it professionally cleaned tomorrow morning and I am having Tony's room done too--the rest of the house is fine. I am very picky about my floors, especially with a baby and another one on the way--I was just so thrilled when I got my *Mean Green Carpet Machine*, but that little guy can only do so much--and my Kirby doesn't do a *DEEP* clean--so I am pulling out the big bucks and having it done--(Not really) He is charging me 60.00 for the two rooms.

I sanitized two of my bathrooms and I have one more to go--I want all the germs gone and I want the bathrooms to sparkle. I washed the dog's bedding---and now I am cleaning out both refrigerators--I will be going shopping tomorrow. if Alexis is feeling better, I am going to take her to Target so she can buy something with her birthday money, and then I can hit the Vegetable Market. No parks, pool, beach or walks today--she has a slight fever so I want her to rest. I actually love the days I can concentrate on my home and keep improving it.


Tracy said...

I'm so with you, Julieann. I do greet my hubby every day at the door. With a kiss, not a drink, but he loves it! I think it's wonderful that you enjoy your role so much!

Anonymous said...

I hope you have a good and peaceful catch up day!

deezie said...

Well I totally agree with you on how you treat your husband and how you feel about being a wife and momma. There is nothing better as far as I am concerned, Hope your little one is better soon. Enjoy your day cleaning, I love cleaning my house too:)
Oh and the purfume right before he comes in is just (sweet) :)

Paula said...

Dear Julieann,
Thank you for visiting me and for your kind comment. You are a loving wife and mother. I love to greet my husband when he comes home too! And I love keeping our home clean and pretty. It is a blessing to be a wife, mother and home keeper. I do hope Alexis will be feeling better soon. I am sure the rest will do her good.

The Lord bless you!

Lori said...

Ditto to your being a wife and mom being important.
I am like you. I like to have everthing done that I can at home here when my husband comes home.
I like to have supper is ready, so that he can just sit down and relax.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you Julieann. I greet my hubby everyday at the door with a kiss. I like the perfume idea...:)
I hope Alexis is feeling better soon.
Have a great day and God bless.

Kelli said...

Wonderful post, Julieann! I hope you have a great day and that Alexis feels better soon!

Sharon said...

How wonderful that you are such a great wife and mother. I am the same way, except now I do work outside of the home three days a week, so I do not wait for my husbys arrival home and serve him a drink. I do really respect him though and always try to have a good hot meal for him. I also make the coffee and his sandwhich every day. When I was a full time housewife I was very much like how you said. I pray all my daugthers-in-law will be like you Julieann!

Hugs, Sharon