Friday, September 28, 2007


I can not believe how fast this week just zoomed by. I was gone a good part of the day---my grandmother had a doctor's appointment and then she had her shopping to do. My father's birthday is tomorrow and we were all supposed to go over the Ortega's to see him--but my step mother is ill so she is postponing his party. I am sorry that we aren't going, but I do have so much to catch up on. I am going to start at the furthest corner of the house, and work my way down cleaning everything that is in my path. I already started on laundry when I got home---dishwasher is going with the days worth of dishes--the little ones are all asleep and Kevin is asleep too--I am not far behind--what a wonderful tiredness this is-----a wholesome tired ----a good tired. Okay, for my blog, this is just an update so when I look back at this time, I won't wonder what I was doing because I wasn't blogging and to all my dear readers---I want to say Hi and I will be by you tomorrow----Good night xoxoxo :)

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