Saturday, September 01, 2007


I went to my Grandmother's yesterday--not only is she my grandmother, and took over the part as my mother when my mother no longer could, she is also my best friend!!! I love here dearly.

Anyway, I called her in the morning and asked her if I could come over and visit--and she said yes. So the kids and I went. When we were there she mentioned that her Grocery store was having a Re-Grand openeing and she would like to go and pick up a few things and see the store all remodeled. My grandmother can't drive anymore due to bad eyesight--so I am her driver, she tells me where she wants to go and off we go...LOL.

We actually braved Wal-Mart---Bobby(My Grandmother) wanted a new puzzle, so we went there---I said, well as long as we are here I might as well look at the backpacks--ohhh it was crazy busy---I was getting a little flustered, I mean no one was saying excuse me, or moving to the side--it seemed it was every man for himself---UGH!! Okay, I didn't mean to vent---(Yes I did..LOL) Anyway, here are the back packs-----> Alexis wanted a rolly back pack, and Tony wanted a simple black one.

Okay, I need a lunch bag for Alexis, not a metal box but a bag, and I could not find one at WalMart nor did any one working at Walmart know where I could find one in that I am definitely going to wait for Kevin to be home, so I can go run to a store and pick up a lunch bag with out the baby--because it is so hard to maneuver the cart and see over it with so many people not being polite (Giggles--another vent about the people at the stores).

Okay, I have another post I am going to make about some other things I picked up--but I must take my Banana bread out of the oven--YUMMY!!

P.S. I so enjoyed Show and Tell yesterday.


Anonymous said...

I've been experiencing the same thing concerning other shoppers. I think our society has degraded to an all time low - no consideration or polite behavior...period. Admittedly though, I can sure be the same way from time to time, especially w/o my morning coffee. ;o)

Love the backpacks, especially the pink one. Pink isn't really my color but I love that it's a rolly one and all the way cool compartments to stick stuff.

I have a brief case and it just isn't *way cool*. Maybe I should start a line of mom-packs.

Mrs. U said...

Hmmmmm... I think we must shop at the same store!!! I've run into the SAME kind of people!! LOL!!

Mrs. U