Friday, September 07, 2007

5 Minutes

What a difference 5 minutes makes---I think I have figured things out. Today was so nice and stress free--just because I left 5 minutes earlier then normal--I beat all the crazy traffic --yay.

I also made a mini notebook to keep in my car. I can't lug my big Home notebook around, and I just love pink. I printed out a calendar and added it and notebook paper for jotting down notes--now I can keep track of times and dates in my car--and look over them as I am waiting at one pickup point--including my grandmother's appointments too--and yes I do also have a mini book in my purse too--you never know when you may need to jot something down, or look something up--well at least I do..:)

Plus, I just love stationary, folders and pretty pens.

How many club cards do you have? I have a few small keychain cards and then I have bigger ones in my wallet for other stores, like VONS....I just thought I would take a picture and share this with you...
ohhhh, and this is something I just have to have on my key chain. I wear my key chain on my wrist--especially when I am holding my daughter's hands and holding the baby--oh it helps me not lose my keys. After I use them though and they are no longer needed, I do put them in my purse--but from the house to the car or the store to the car it is a life saver for me.

I am so happy today is Friday--what are your plans for the weekend? I have a big date with the washing machine--I am also going to go visit my Grandmother on Saturday for awhile. My grandmother is 88 and I want to spend as much time with her as I can. I want my children to *KNOW* her!!!!

I cleaned toilets today, and I also wiped down the children's bathroom sink area. I also brought out a few more fall decorations--I just love fall---

I will be back in a few xoxox


Anonymous said...

I like the notebook idea!

Rebecca said...

I love your cute pink notebooks. :-) I have to have my PDA with me at all times for that very reason, but the PDA isn't nearly as pretty as a notebook. I call it my "backup brain" a lot. Sometimes I wish it could be my default! :-)

Porkchop's mommy said...

Hi there! Come visit me when you can! Good news!!!

I have noticed what a difference 5 minutes can make around here too. :)

Mrs. U said...

Tee hee! Your key chain looks like mine was SOO many of those cards on it!!!

I love the idea of keeping your home notebook (well, I guess it's a mini version) in the car!!! Smart thinking!

Mrs. U