Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Have you ever felt selfish? I sure felt selfish today. First off, my daughter caught an icky cold and cough, so I have been praying for her to recover. Then as I was driving today, my *Service Engine Soon* Light came on--My car is pretty new, so I freaked out a bit......I could not concentrate on anything but that little light looking at me. When my husband called me, I mentioned the light and I was hoping for some reassurance from him to say, oh I am sure it is nothing, but instead he said, "UH OH!"--so that really got me going. So I take my car with kids in tow, to the Auto mechanics, and he does a diagnostic computer check---I sure was praying----ohhhhh----all that needed fixed was a new gas cap---I could breath--THEN!!!--My son calls me from school to let me know he lost his backpack---ohhhh---$400.00 worth of school books--more praying went on!!!! Tony then calls me to tell me he found his backpack, but whoever had it went through his backpack and tossed all his books in the bushes, and took the bookcovers----book covers I can replace, 100 dollar books I was relieved were safe. I was praying for everything today!!!! ..and now that the day is winding down and everything is not as bad as it first seemed--I sure feel selfish for all that I was thinking. I mean, I have been reading a blog about a mother that has lost her 5 year old daughter--I am sure you are all familiar with her blog---I am sure she would give anything to blog about losing a back pack or getting her car fixed---but in the heat of the moment I totally lost what really matters most:( Oh, please forgive me!!!


Irene said...

Hi! Don't feel bad, you are completely normal! When I was pregnant with my second daughter, and during her first year, all we could think about is how grateful and happy we would be for a healthy, normal, child. We would get so irritated at friends/family who complained about seemingly mundane things when we were worrying whether our daughter would even survive. We used to say to ourselves, they need our daughter in their lives for a while for them to realize what really is important in life. However - 4 years later - our daughter's critical issues have significantly slowed down, and we are back to complaining about the seemingly mundane things along with everyone else! I just try to do what you did, stop and realize that what I am complaining about/upset about is really not a big issue in the scope of this life and I could (will) have much more grave issues in the future to give me that "reality check".

Take care!!!

Mrs. U said...

Hi Julieann!!!! I'm glad that things turned out well for y'all after this trying day. I hope Alexis is feeling better and I am so thankful that Tony found his backpack and books!!!! (sounds like some mean children at his school!!!).

I am sad to hear that there is a mother dealing with her child missing. It just breaks my heart to think of this happening. I will pray for her family.

Mrs. U

Angelena/ Country Life said...

Prayer changes everything doesn't it? I hope Alexis is feeling better today. I am glad to hear that Tony got his books back too!

Heather K said...

I know how you feel Julieann...it's really easy to get caught up in the moment,but you have such a tender heart and respond so quickly to Him. Things like the lady losing her daughter really help us keep our focus on the important. It's a completely normal way to react though..

Lori said...

Don't feel bad. You are normal just like the rest of us. Those are all things that I would pray for too.
I hope your day gets better.

Paula said...

Julieann, we all do that--days that just aren't going good, and then you stop and realize all of the things in life you have to be grateful for. And speaking of the "service engine soon" light, I've had that message come on several times--it's really no fun when you are on vacation several hundred miles away and wondering if you will make it back home! But everything does work out.