Thursday, August 17, 2006

So Much To Do!!

It will all be over soon. ::::Whew::::

I ran out of packing tape, so I went to the store and bought some more, BIG ROLLS this time...LOL. I think I am going to do my kitchen last, I think it is going to be my biggest job, but, I still need a lot of stuff out, to be able to feed my family for the next week--I don't do fast food--yucky. I made a homemade pizza the other day, the kids really enjoyed it, so I think I may make another today.

It is a warm day here in Georgia, a beautiful day actually. I am wearing a black skirt, with a black blouse with pink little flowers all over it---my daughter is wearing a pink dress, she looks adorable. And, of course I am wearing my ever faithful apron, especially when I cleaned the oven this morning---it looks so nice and clean.

I am going to try and pack as much if not more then I did yesterday----I am doing my best to stay organized. Moving is not easy, especially across country. I can not wait until I am done and I can stop talking about it..LOL---

You all have a wonderful Thursday, and I will post more a little later:)

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