Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Bananas, California and over 30 Boxes

Tomorrow is trash day, so I have to get everything out of my fridge that I need to throw out. I have bananas frozen in the freezer that I was going to use to make banana bread, but since I will be leaving in about a week, I will not be able to do it. I also have homemade chicken stock, that I have to get rid of--Oh well, I can't wait for this to be all over, so I can get back to normal, with my daily life as a wife and mother.
Condiments--I am thinking of getting a cooler so I can keep my condiments--I have a lot. I will think about that one.
I am on box 32---so many more to go. I washed all my bathroom rugs, so they will be nice and clean for our new home.
I was thinking of making hot wings tonight for dinner, as my children love them. I am trying to use everything I have and not buying anything else. I will give what is left in my freezer to my SIL--she doesn't cook that much, so giving her my bananas and stock would be a waste--she would just laugh at that--but I am sure she can use the meat, hopefully.
Kevin is as happy as can be at his job in California, I can just hear him smiling as he talks to me on the phone. That is good, I am glad he is happy. I am really going to miss it here, but I am sure God has a plan for all this--I guess I am just ment to live in California..LOL---everytime, I try and leave, I am going right back. My son is very excited to be able to surf again, and my daughter is very excited to see her cousin who is of similar age to her. It will be nice to be able to see my Grandma on a daily bases, and to have my friends come over for coffee--the women I met here in Georgia, all work outside the home, so it will be nice to have some SAHM's once again. Okay that is all for now, you all have a wonderful Wednesday xoxo


Tammy said...

Ah, I don't envy the moving! But I would love to live in California again! We moved from California to Michigan two years ago. Not fun at all! :)

Julieann said...

I love it here in Georgia. I lived in California all my life and this was such a change living here in Georgia. I will be sad to leave, but I look forward to seeing all my family and friends again--and I have to say, I will not miss the bugs here..LOL