Sunday, August 20, 2006

Crocheting, Boxes and Trader Joes

Crocheting, I love to crochet. This is what I have been currently working on--I took a picture to share before I pack it away for the move. It is going to be an afghan for Kevin for winter. I thought the white would look very nice against my couches which are a dark color.

Now, no post would not be complete without me talking about my packing..LOL. Her are some of the boxes I have packed. I have a total of 20 boxes packed so far. I packed my beloved Bread Machine--and my sewing machine will soon follow. It is funny, after the move and I start unpacking everything, it is like Christmas..LOL.

Okay, onto other things. Kevin arrived safely in California this afternoon. It seems wierd that I am here in Georgia and he is back in California. One thing I am looking forward to in California is shopping at Trader Joes. I love that store. Plus there are many more Farmers Markets there then I was able to find here. I am not quite sure what i am going to cook for dinner, I have been working hard packing today, so I think I may make grilled cheese sandwiches and chicken noodle soup--my kids love those kind of dinners:)

Well, back to packing!!

You all have a Happy Sunday xoxox

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