Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Happy Anniversary

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Today is mine and Kevin's Wedding Anniversary:) YAY. He is out of town until Friday, so there won't be much celebrating today. That is okay, we will be together this weekend, and plus my son will be home too. Maybe this month, will be my month to conceive--I sure hope so.

Tomorrow is trash day--which means I will also do my weekly wipe down of the refridgerator, and also make sure all trash is out of the home, and the can is put to the curb--the trash pick up comes pretty early in the morning, so I like to get it all ready the night before.

Tonights dinner will be fish and veggies and a nice salad, for Alexis and me. I am going to take a chicken out of the freezer, and thaw it. I will make chicken and dumplings for Friday--I will cook it tomorrow though, so we can have some chicken with our dinner. I also have some avacados that need to be used soon--We love avacados at our house. In California you can find avacados on any restaurant menu or at any market--but here in Georgia, I don't think I have ever seen avacado in a restaurant---I also find it funny how sweet tea is so very popular here, and in California, there is no such thing..LOL. When Kevin and I first married he had to teach this California girl how to make it----he says I make it perfect. I am so going to miss Georgia---it is so lovely here, I love the privacy I have, and all the trees all around me. I know God has a plan for all this, and it will be nice to be close to my Grandmother again--I know she needs help getting to the store because she can no longer drive, and my sister is not always the most reliable. Before I moved here last year, every Thursday I took her shopping, the day after the sale ads came out--we always had a wonderful time. She loved to go to Costco and taste all the samples.....

Yellow is such a happy color--and that is why I am wearing yellow today--a really pretty button down dress--it is a pale yellow and I feel so femine in it. The weather is nice too. The forecast says it will rain, but it hasn't yet--I just adore rainy days----you don't get too many rainy days in California, so I really appreciate them here in Georgia. You all have a Happy Wednesday xoxoxoxo
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