Tuesday, August 15, 2006


Here are some of the Dresses you may catch me wearing:

They look a lot better on, but it is hard for me to take a picture of me in it and show the full length of the dress LOL----

Dresses--I just love dresses:) 99% of the time you will catch me in a dress. For my Birthday, Kevin wanted to know, what I wanted---I told him I wanted some new dresses. I just can not see spending an abundance amount of money at a restaurant or on flowers----I like things that will last--so he gave me some birthday money---now, I could go to an expensive store, and buy maybe two or three dresses, but anyone that knows me knows, I would never do that..LOL. So off to a thrift store I went----I had 350.00-----I ended up spending 92.00 and bought myself 6 dresses, 5 tops, 5 skirts--and 5 dresses for my daughter. I also bought, a book and some really neat things for the house.

Do you like pretty dresses? I just feel like such a girlie girl in them, so feminine-->Isn't that how women are suppossed to feel and look?

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MrsAngelena said...

Love the dresses! I wear dresses a lot too. Good buys too. I get a lot of my dresses/skirts at thrift stores.

Great blog!!