Saturday, March 10, 2007

Picture Post and Girl Talk

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Saturday. I got up bright and early this morning to go to Wal-Mart to buy my nephew a gift for his birthday party today. He is going to be eight and he likes the movie *Cars* so I bought him a few toys relating to the movie. My father and step mother adopted him--so even though he is my nephew (my step-mom's daughter's child that my father adopted) he can also be technically my brother<----Did I lose you there.

My father lives over the Ortega's, which is a big winding mountain that takes about an hour to go through--since I am soooo pregnant right now--my left leg goes numb if I am standing or sitting for a long period of time--so I stayed home--my husband and kids went, they will have lots of food and fun.

I found these neat little sea creatures at Wal-Mart for .88 cents, that expand 6 times there size--so I know Alexis will have fun with those in her bath.
Then I came across these organizing tubs for .50 cents--yay!!!
When I am out, I will pick up a few things here and there for baby boy--I found these cute little onesies for $2.88 and some newborn socks--you can never have enough socks:)
Then I bought these two tomato plants to plant--they will produce Grape tomatoes--YUMMY!!!!
This is the Shamrock I made for my door for St. Patrick's day---The dining room table will have a green table cloth. On St. Patrick's day--I will make Corn Beef and Cabbage and potatoes, green jello, green koolaid---Chocolate cake with green frosting (lol) and so on--I think you get the idea. This is the time to take advantage of the price of cabbage--we love cabbage here, so I usually buy a bunch of it--I make boiled cabbage, fried cabbage, coleslaw--I put it in my salad--it is all good. Plus you must wear something green on that day.
Also, on my plans for this weekend, is more laundry of course---I buy Sun, because it is the cheapest--this bottle says it does 40 loads--giggles--for me I get a lot more out of it--I usually use half of what they say to use--plus it only costs 1.97--woohoo. I will buy other brands on sale and with coupons if the price is right;) I also use a liquid fabric softener--I have Snuggle right now and bleach and oxyclean are in my laundry room along with fabric softener sheets.
Now, that I am getting a bit big around the middle--it is getting harder for me to get on my hands and knees and scrub the floors--so along with my Cotton Head Mop, I will also be putting my swiffer mop to more use--for quick jobs around the kitchen and bathrooms--until I can get back down on my hands and knees.
OHHH---I was so excited to see these----my girlfriend put on my flip flops and I never saw them again...(LOL) Well, I got these for 1.50--YAY!!!! Remember, I am a Cali girl--Flip flops are a must:)
Since my family is at my Father's I know they will all be eating really well, so I don't need to make dinner tonight--I may do my grocery shopping tonight if they get home early enough or just save it until tomorrow, we shall see.

I was looking on ebay for a breast pump---I like manuals better then electric---and I use them for when I get engorged the first week for some release and also I pump for some back ups for the freezer for emergencies----but with Alexis, we never ended up using what I pumped, and I nursed her for 2 1/2 years:) I found one that I like so I am just watching it right now--I will let you know if I win it. I am going to put a big 'ol pot of decaf on and get a big glass of juice and start in my housework and laundry while everyone is away at my dad's----You all have a glorious and wonderful safe and warm Saturday. xoxoxxo


Kelli said...

Hi Julieann! I hope you are enjoying your quiet day at home! You got some great things! I love the organizers and the baby onsies are so sweet! I'm a flip flop fan too and I always like to have a black pair so I may have to make a trip to Walmart too! :0)
Good luck with your ebay auction!

Tammy said...

Happy Saturday. =)

I remember buying Sun detergent when we lived in California. I don't think they sell it here (at least not in the stores I shop at.)

Jenny said...

Hello, Julieann! I agree about the baby socks. Good luck with the auction. Isn't E-bay great for baby things? I got a Boppy pillow there for a great price. Looks like you have a great day planned. Enjoy!

Candy said...

hiya! great posts,love the pics too. I love when people post pictures with their posts!

anyways, just wanted to say Hi :)

Amber said...

How nice that you have a day all to yourself. I love to clean when the kids are gone or down for naps. It makes it more enjoyable and I feel like I get more done.

Love the flip flops. That is all I wear in the summer. My husband is always worried I am going to get hurt ...he is a tennis shoe person :)

Have a great weekend. Good luck with the auction!

Heather said...

looks like you had a good day on your own....those look like some fun finds you made at Walmart!