Monday, March 26, 2007

Monday, Pictures, Chatter

Good Morning. It is a cool Monday, and the news is saying rain tonight and in to tomorrow--I do enjoy the rain. When I was little my sister told me the rain was God doing laundry--and when it lightening and thundered he was bowling and got a strike, she also told me that sometimes the thunder was him rearranging his furniture.
I hope everyone's weekend was nice. We had a nice weekend too. We took the training wheels off of Alexis's bike, oh she was excited. Except, Kevin, bless his heart, didn't realize it takes awhile to learn--so he had to stop to take a break because he said his back was hurting---I feel bad, because I was able to teach Tony, but being in my condition, I didn't think it would be wise for me running down the street holding on to the back of her bike--Could you even imagine that (LOL)---anyway, we will try again--I know she will get it--we just need to practice, and in a few months after my body heels, I am sure I can help if she has not mastered it by then.
Over the weekend I was looking at my dining room and I wanted a new look----I want to get a new table cloth, but for now what I did instead, was take the table cloth off--I oiled the wood and put these place mats on it--I really like the clean, crisp look--the funny thing is my husband did not even notice...(LOL)
I think I mentioned my father had given me a highchair he had---here is what it looks like. I am going to get a little pad for the back and seat so it is comfy--but I like it, I wasn't too sure about it at first, but it has grown on me.
Containers--I just love putting things in containers--this is cereal I put in containers that I got at the .99 cents store. Keeps everything fresh, and also, we had some ants come in when it was warm, so this will keep them out of my food. Also, Alexis and I colored some Easter pictures, and hung them on my front door. I think those pictures look so much better then store bought, and plus my daughter put so much love and time into them:)

This pretty plant is by my front door and it produced these pretty flowers. Does anyone know the name of this plant?
And last but not least--here I am again---34 weeks and 1 day--I like to say, going into my 35th week (giggles) Not too much longer. Also, I want to say, that I am not hiding my face, but it is so hard to get a full body shot when I am taking the pic --I will have to have my son or husband take a full body shot.

My husband, has to do some late work tonight--so he won't be home until very late--so dinner will be very easy. We grilled carne asada and marinated chicken last night, and I have leftovers, so I know my son will love another burrito, and my daughter will like some chicken----I will make a dish of something, for when my husband comes home--not sure yet--but something nice and filling.

Monday's To Do's
Sweep hardwood floors
Sweep and mop Kitchen
Wash dish towels
Swish the toilets
Oh, I also want to wipe down the outside of the fridge--and organize the stuff on it, it has gotten a bit wild with school notes and pretty pictures.

That is all for now--Have a wonderful Monday!!! xoxox


MrsA said...

Your table looks lovely. Your belly pics are too cure!!!

Mrs.B. said...

I agree with Mrs. A--Your table does look lovely! Personally I don't use table cloths too often because both Mr. Wonderful and myself prefer the look of the wood. (o:

I bet you're the cutest pregnant woman--you don't look pregnant except for your belly!


Momma Roar said...

You had a nicer sister - mine used to tell me it was raining because God was crying because I did something so naughty. On those occasions where we had a lot of rain - I was feeling pretty bad :(

Kelli said...

Your table looks so pretty, Julieann! My husband wouldn't have noticed either..hehe.

I LOL'ed at what your sister used to tell you about the rain...poor Momma Roar though..that is so sad!

I am loving your belly shots.....too cute!!


Heather said...

i like the stories your sister used to tell you... we used to tell each other that too when we were little kids... but we all knew it was just a cute saying...

picketfencemom said...

I really like the neat uncluttered look of your table. Very pretty! You look great at 35 that point in each of my pregnancies I was beginning to believe I'd never be normal *never ever* again! LOL Take care of yourself and have a great week!

Candy said...

Hiya Julieann!!!
Love the post and pics! You rtable looks lovely, very beautiful actually.
Have a great day.
Love Candy

Anonymous said...

I loved the pictures!! The table looks so pretty and I love the tummy picture. Would you believe I am actually missing being pregnant already???

I know just how you felt with being pregnant but wanting to help your daughter ride... we gave our 6 year old a new, bigger bike for Christmas and she needed some help getting started. I TRIED, but it was a pretty ridiculous sight, and I think I was more of a hindrance than a help. We had to wait for my husband's day off, too!! :-)

Rona's Home Page said...

I love the photos of your dining area. Very clean, organized.

Mrs. U said...

Not only is your table just GORGEOUS but your baby belly is TOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!! I LOOOOOOVE it!!!

Thank you for sharing both!!

Mrs. U