Wednesday, March 07, 2007


What do you call this thing?

I know what I call it----and since I am married to a southern man, and lived in Georgia, I have heard it called a few different things. When Kevin and I went to the grocery store for the very first time, he said "Let me get a Buggy" I thought to myself--what in the world is a buggy---a buggy to me is a stroller, you know the thing you put a baby in--oops. Then he brought over a CART--(LOL) I said "Kevin, those are Carts" --he still calls them buggy's and I still smile when he does:)

What do you call them?

And Pizza, I call a pizza, a pizza---Kevin has referred to a pizza as a pie--also--in California we *turn off the lights* in Georgia, we *Cut off the lights*.....

Okay, I just came here to post about I am getting ready to do a big shopping day, and I am going to take some pictures for a fun picture post. I love pictures in posts and I also love to look back at my entries and see pictures of what was going on at that time. Like my tummy pictures--I used to not like my tummy pics taken but now, I so enjoy looking at pictures when I was pg with Tony and Alexis and glad I have the pictures.

To answer Amy's question about living in Georgia--Last year I lived in Marietta, Cobb County. We lived in a really nice area, our home was surrounded by trees and more trees---

When we lived in Georgia in 2000, we lived in Canton--Cherokee county--we lived in the middle of no where, and I loved it!!!! You had to drive to your neighbors home (LOL) Here in Cali, I can look out my window into my neighbors house---oops:)

You all have a blessed Wednesday, I will be back soon. xoxox

Ground beef is thawing for dinner--I have not decided on what I am going to create for dinner--but I will post when I do


Susan P. said...

I loved this post, too funny. Mr. P is from New York and I'm from Virginia. He calls them shopping carts "buggy's," too! I have always referred to them as a "baskets!" Soft drinks are known by him as "soda" and I always call them "pop!" Another thing that was really strange to me was that he refers to a child's lunch box as a lunch pail:) I love all the different names for the same thing!! This was a fun post:)

picketfencemom said...

Julieann, they are definitely buggies! LOL Also, being from south Georgia, we do have some of our own vernacular. Something far away is 'over yonder'. I'm always 'fixin' to do something, and a carbonated drink is always a 'Coke' regardless if it's actually an RC, Pepsi, Coke, etc. My daddy used to call them 'so-dee waters' on occasion.

My grandma was so funny...she had 'i-dees' instead of ideas, and she 'wrinched' out the dishcloth instead of wringing or twisting it. She liked to say she was 'plumb tuckered out' when she was tired. Also, we 'mash' or 'smash' elevator buttons instead of 'pressing' them! LOL Susan is right...this was a fun post. I'm sure we have many more funny ways of saying things down here...I'll have to 'sit a spell' and think about it! LOL
Have a great day!

Janie said...

It's a BUGGY!!!!!! I am a yankee that is married to a southerner, and lived most of my 21 years of married life in the south, although we live in yankeeland again. After years of it being called a "buggy" if I call it that up here I really get some stares and looks! This post was great! I always love to hear what other people call things.

Momma Roar said...

Hi, I linked to you from Candy's site. I hope you don't mind me visiting. I just had to jump in on this!
I live in Southeastern PA, so a 'buggy' to me is something the horses pull!! We say cart, pizza and "outen the lights!" I've got some PA dutch in me, I guess!
Thanks for letting me visit!

Candy said...

Loved this post too!
In Canada (where I live anyway) we say CART and PIZZA and turn OFF the lights. :)

Jenny said...

Hello, Julieann! I love these kinds of things. I'm a Kentuckian. Things are a little different here. Being a border state, there is a little of the north, south, and midwest. I personally say cart but hear many say buggy. Also, like picketfencemom, everything carbonated is a "coke". When you order at a restaurant you say you want a coke, and the waitress asks what kind. You then say Dr. Pepper, etc. We also eat "dinner" at noon and "supper" in the evening. Also, and this is more of an accent thing. We drink Koo Laid rather than Kool Ade.

Fun post, Julieann! I've enjoyed the comments of the others, too.

Penless Thoughts said...

Just linked on to you for the first time. I am originally from New Mexico and my husband is from Tennessee. When I first married into this family, many years ago, I was shocked when they said they were going to "carry" me to the store!

Jodi said...

Julieann, I'm getting tickled at some of the comments! In Tennessee we definitely grab a buggy at the grocery store. The only time we say pizza pie at our house is when we sing "That's Amore!" What a fun post! :o)

Kelli said...

Hi Julieann! What a fun post! I call them carts and say "turn off the lights." I grew up calling soda "pop" but now say soda. Oh, and it's definitely a pizza. :0) I do love pie though, especially lemon meringue..hehee.
Hope you had a great day!

Susan said...

Oh, I love comparing ways of saying the same thing! I grew up in upstate SC, where we used buggies to do our grocery shopping. Then I moved out of the south and learned to call them carts. Imagine my surprise when I got to Vancouver, Canada and the sign in the parking lot said to please return the **buggies** to the store! LOL So now I can call 'em buggies all I want to, and not get laughed at! ;)

Soda was always Coke in the south, but now it's pop - no one here says Coke unless they really want Coke.

I had forgotten about "cutting off the lights", but that is so true! And in the south distance is measured in how long it takes to get there - Bob lives about 5 minutes down the road yonder - and we're fixin' to go over there. And I'm waiting on someone instead of waiting for them.

My biggest speech funny here in Canada is the constant use of y'all. It just rolls right off my tongue without my even knowing it's happening! LOL

Barb said...

It's funny how we call the same things by different names depending on where we're from. For years I called it a buggy, too. Now I call it a cart and I don't even remember when I switched.

But I could never call a pizza a pie. My pie has apples and cinnamon and things in it. LOL

Momma Roar said...

I love Susan's comment about.."the sign in the parking lot said to please return the **buggies** to the store!"

We have 'parking spaces' for the Amish horse and buggies in our grocery store parking lots. I'll have to take a picture and try to post it sometime!

Julieann said...

OHH, I would love to see a picture of that.

Also, something in Georgia that I thought was really neat was they had parking fro expecting mothers--a sign with a stork on it--I have not seen them in cali anywhere.

I call soda, soda...

OHHHHH and what about Sweet tea!!??!!! I did not even know what sweet tea was until my husband. Here in California, if you want sweet tea in a restaurant, you use the sugar packets on the table (LOL)

Also, biscuits and gravy in Georgia is served with everything--here in Cali--I don't think people know what biscuits and gravy is...;)

Angelena said...

ok from West Virgina

buggy= shopping cart

pop= coke, pepsi etc

poke= grocery bag

crick= creek

sweet tea = tea that is already sweetened with sugar (lots of sugar)

y'all = everyone within hearing distance

sit a spell = sitting down for a while

eat a bite = get something to eat

There are lots more! lol

Susan P. said...

This was such a fun post I had to add another comment after reading everybody else's. The last commenter talk about a bag being called a "poke" and that is definitely a new one to me. The only kind of "poke" I know is a "slow" one:)

Chrissy said...

Hey Ya'll!

I'm a Georgia girl myself, but I married a yankee. He's from Pittsburgh originally and when we visit I draw a lot of attention with my "Yes, Ma'ams" and "No, Sirs".

I'm a buggy pushing, coke drinking, cut off the lights kind of girl, and I wouldn't have it any other way ;0)

Heather said...

Wow --this is great for a laugh. I live on the west coast of Canada. We call carts-carts... but then there's my mom who calls it a buggy. I think the generation before calls them that...I don't know why we don't...? We call Pop- pop..... Okay we have something here called Iced Tea. It is nothing like "tea". It is a sweet bottled drink....or you can buy powder and mix your own. When I was waitressing in my teens, I had some people who asked for iced tea with their meal. When I brougt it out and they tasted it, they said 'this isn't iced tea. I looked at it... smelled it and told them that yes it was indeed 'iced tea'. Then all of a sudden i had a brainwave...Hmmm I've heard the Americans drink cold tea- wonder if they're Americans...? So I asked them if they were and sure enough... they were...I had a good chuckle and so did they... that memory has stuck with me all these years.