Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Wednesday's Picture Post

First day of spring--this is what it looked outside my window this morning---I was hoping you could see my bird feeder hanging and there is a little bird on it eating, even in the rain, bless his little heart--we all need to eat even when it rains. It is in the 60's today, not too bad. When I first married my husband, he loved that I made him breakfast every morning--and I would also pack him a lunch--well after a while, he said he felt that he was gaining weight, and did not want me making him lunches anymore--then he asked that I only make breakfast on the weekends. Well, I did what he asked, even though I disagreed, I think it is very unhealthy to go all day with out food and then come home and eat a large dinner. Yesterday, Alexis and I were at the Grocery store and they had these french rolls on sale---> I am going to learn to make these homemade, but they are pretty big, so I know it will take a lot of work and these were priced really good--1.99. So we picked those up--and I went to the deli and bought roast beef and roasted turkey. After my husband went to bed last night--he goes to sleep very early----I made him a roast beef and turkey sandwich---with lettuce, tomato, onion, pickle, and some cheese--I wrapped all that up seperate and then squirted a little mustard in a tiny tupperware and wrapped the bread up seperate. My husband is very picky--he does not like soggy sandwiches. So when he gets to the office, he will put the mustard on the bread and then stuff all the goodies in the bread---
I also bought little snack bags--and put some trail mix in oneand I put some dried apricots in another---I wrote a little note on the bag--and placed it all in the fridge for him to take with him. I woke up this morning to wish him my love and to have a good day at work and not to forget his lunch--he leaves for work between 4 and 4:30. He later called me and said his lunch was very good--he wasn't too thrilled with the apricots..oops----BUT, he didn't even try them (LOL) So I told him he has to at least try them----My kids just love them and they are so good for you! If you see them in the store, you have to try these dried apricots. I would love to be able to this in my dehyderator.

Over the weekend, I had picked up this package of bran muffin mix--yes, I do buy boxed goods on occasion:)
Since I am pregnant, I need all the fiber I can get--and I just love bran muffins with honey--so I made these over the weekend--I have to say these were the best bran muffins I have ever made. This is what they looked like before being cooked--->
Right out of the oven--->
..and on to a plate. The funny thing is---my kids devoured them----They loved them---hey, I think that is great--I am glad when they like such healthy snacks--so I will be buying this mix again--it was about 3.00 for a box and it made 9 . So I am doing good here--they are eating the trail mix, dried apricots and now the bran muffins--I just need to get my husband to at least taste an apricot--(LOL)

Now, on to something fun. This is the cake I made for St.Patrick's Day--it is a chocolate cake with vanilla frosting--that I added green food coloring too--yummy:)

I also made *The Best Ever Potato Onion Soup* Oh my--it was the best ever!!!!
Here is the recipe card--and if you click on the picture it should enlarge to get the recipe--->
This is what mine looked like when I made it--and it went fast. It was a nice beginning to my special St. Patrick's day dinner. I used my emersion blender to make it creamy smooth.Here is a tip I want to share: Whether you make your own cleaner or buy it--I bought spray bottles at the .99 cents store--and I filled them with glass cleaner, all purpose cleaner and each bathroom has those bottles--I also have in my kitchen a bottle with bleach and water, a bottle with Vinegar and water--and I have one with just plane water to spritz my birds or my plants--(They are all Labeled)-It is so nice to have glass cleaner in every bathroom for quick cleans of spots on the mirror or fixtures.
Last night for dinner, I made pizza with a green salad--it was very good. Tonight, I am going to make meatball subs and I am going to use those french rolls I have pictured above--and top them with lots of cheese--I will take pictures of them when they are done--I will serve those with a green salad. I am sure it will be a nice fun dinner. Well, I hope you all have a very nice First day of spring---I will be by to visit you soon xoxox


Portrait of Peter said...

I too luv french rolls - especially fresh from the oven and able to place all my favourite toppings - a meal in itself - especially when I need to be focused.

Mind has a tendency to wander and unless notes are scribbled - I can spend the rest of the day - trying to remember - what so important in my research!!

Loved all the photo's - alas even my waistline is now saying "no more".

Wonderful journal - always a joy to view.

Blessings to you all.

Amber said...

You always give me more and more ideas for making my house run more orderly. Thanks for the tips!

Your St. Patty's day soup and cake look fabulous. I made cupcakes with green frosting :)

Can't wait to see the meatball subs. Let us know how you did them.

Kelli said...

Hi Julieann! Those french rolls are beautiful and the sandwiches sounds so yummy! I really like dried apricots too. :0)

Your St. Patrick's day cake looks amazing...yum!!

Happy first day of spring!!!

Momma Roar said...

You're making me hungry...and I already had supper :)

I enjoy reading your ideas and seeing the beautiful meals you make for your family!

Candy said...

I loved the cake! Very, very cute and special!
Your awesome Julieann!!!
Big Hugs,