Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Cleaning Products---

Thank you all for answering my questions, I enjoyed reading everyones answers----we all seem to have a lot in common:) I am so hoping my back and leg don't start hurt to today, It kept me from doing everything I wanted to get done yesterday--and that bothers me (LOL) Sometimes if i wiggle certain ways I can get the baby to move away from what ever it is he is on that makes my insides hurt--and other times, he likes to stay put---enough about that. After reading about everyones favorite cleaning products, I thought I would list a few of mine. I would love to use all natural and homemade cleaning products--but after awhile I always seem to go back to what I really like. I know Mrs.A posted about homemade detergent on her blog and she is going to give us a review after she has made and used it--patiently waiting for that:) I have heard good things and not so good--like certain things looking a little dingy--so we shall see what she has to say--(No pressure Mrs. A) :o)

First on my list would be Vinegar---I just love vinegar for so many things---from putting it on our salads---sunburns--to heating it up in the microwave and spraying it all over the shower (Shower comes so clean)--to deodorizing the dishwasher and cleaning out the coffee pot--and also dying Easter eggs;)

Second: OxiClean-----such a great stain remover---when we lived in Georgia--it helped get the red clay mud off my son's socks--YAY!!!

Third: Bleach--okay, what doesn't this stuff do???

I also, like pine-sol, Comet cleanser, sos pads and so on--I think you get the picture. When I am well stocked in all my cleaning supplies, I am such a happy girl:) Candy mentions she ties pretty bows on her cleaning products--I am going to tie a pink bow around my bleach and start cleaning.

I baked my chicken last night and I have some left over--so I might save that for something to use tomorrow, or I might make a chicken casserole tonight. Whatever I do, I will use up the leftover chicken---

On my spring cleaning kitchen list, I still have the stove burners to scrub--so that is on my list to do's and I have been cleaning the outside windows one by one (the ones I can reach of course)

Happy Wednesday Everyone:) xoxoxox


shekinahhvac said...

I enjoyed answering your questions, I think it is fun because I tend to get so busy with life, so to stop and think about these questions breaks up the day, and is something a little fun.

How much longer do you have before baby comes? You inspire me, I love lurking around your log dailey.

ROM 15:13

Searching For a Meaning said...

Questions and answer time - is always an idea opportunity to sit down and enjoy a coffee - so it was an ideal excuse.

Thanks for the tip on vinegar - amazing to see just how useful it can be and will try it out soon.

Every good wishes from Scotland.

Mrs.B. said...

I've never heard of heating up the vinegar---does it make it clean better?

I use vinegar in place of fabric softener and have been quite pleased with the results. Sometimes I miss the April Fresh Downy smell so I'll add a tiny bit just for a light scent but I love that my clothes aren't all coated with it. I learned this trick from some fellow bloggers!

My other favorite cleaner is Murphy's Oil Soap! I just love love love it! I used it today to do some general woodwork cleaning. It's great for kitchen cabinets, baseboards, walls, doors, etc...and I just LOVE the smell of it! (o:

I also love to use Borax in my laundry. I do use Clorox for my whites but bleach is so hard on clothing that occasionally I'll use the Borax on my whites instead. I also use it in my khaki/medium colored load. Oh and I've used it to clean the toilet--it's a great all-purpose cleaner as well. (o:

Kelli said...

Hi Julieann! I had lots of fun answering your questions and reading all the answers! I have heard so many great things about vinegar but for some reason I can't deal with the smell. I'm a huge fan of oxiclean and bleach though! I use both on a regular basis!

Momma Roar said...

I am a huge fan of oxi-clean! I'll have to try the vinegar - never heard those before!

Candy said...

hahaaa your so cute...putting a pink bow on your bleach bottle. I love it :) I love to put pink or white ribbons on everything :)
Glad you like my tip :) hee heee


Amber said...

I love all of those things too. I didn't get to answer your questions the other day so I will be talking about them later on my blog!

Robin said...

I switched to using vinegar and water on lots of my cleaning. Then Marilyn over at Urban Homemaker opened my eyes to the wonderful world of microfiber cleaning clothes. I know clean most of my home using only water. (And it does a better job.) At first, I wasn't sure but it is really great! I like your blog this was my first time here.