Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Lots to Do Wednesday!!

Today is Wednesday--Lots to do Wednesday. First of all I got all the kids breakfast, made lunches, and off to their school--now, I am back and I am going to make a quick post. I am going to vacuum the downstairs real quick, then I am off to Alexis's school to be room mom--then Alexis will have her play date--about 3 hours, until I have to go pick up Tony. Then I am going to go to the library and pick up a book Tony needs for school--hoping they have it--Lord of the Flies. I have chicken thawed in the fridge, so that will be dinner. Thank you all who take the time to come by and visit--it is so nice to meet all of you and read your blogs--oh there is just not enough time in the day for all I would like to do..(LOL)

Here are the breaded pork chops I made last night--they turned out really good, and my husband loved them.
Well, I am off, lots to get done. You all have a wonderful Wednesday, and I will be back later this evening to take a breath and enjoy your blogs:) XOXO


Candy said...

That looks good (as always)
Have a great day!


MrsA said...

The pork chops look yummy.
Have fun today being room mom!!

Amber said...

they look delicious! As usual you are one busy Mom :)


The pork chops look great. They make me want a bite. Thanks and have a great day. connie from Texas

Kelli said...

Oh my gosh, Julieann! Those porkchops look so yummy!!! Hope you had a great day today!!

Jodi said...

Julieann -

Yummy looking pork chops!

Lord of the Flies - I hope your son enjoys that! My son and I were just discussing that last week; it's not part of his literature/history plan this year, so he's going to read it this summer. Good book - strange, but with an intriguing message!

Melissa said...

wow, those look great! They look a lot like the ones my mom makes! :D

Have a wonderful day!