Wednesday, March 21, 2007

My Frustrating Friday

I am going to post about this before I do my picture post--my picture post is fun, and what I am about to write about now just frustrates me. Okay, first off--I am very faithful in taking my children to the dentist--and also with myself and my husband---but since I am pregnant, I have just opted out until I have the baby. Well, after we moved back to California--I had to find a new dentist--I could have gone back to my old one--but for some reason I picked someone new--well--he was referred to by my sister too. My husband has really good dental insurance too--it covers up too 1,500 a year, plus 2 free cleanings--and other stuff for each person. My husband has a very good paying job and we live nicely--we are not rich, but we don't need anything, if that makes sense--it isn't like we can just pick up and go to Hawaii for 2 weeks--but we have a nice house, car--etc--I am very frugal--and make sure I can make a dollar stretch as far as it can go---My husband works far too hard for me to just throw his money away. Okay, so now, when I was at the dentist, in the beginning, I had to fill out a bunch of forms--you know the usual. There was a form asking me for a credit card--well I put down my Visa Check card--and then I went to the lady who takes care of the money and told her--that I was very nervous about putting my credit number down and that I don't feel comfortable with them just being able to take money out when they feel they are just to be paid. She assured me that before they use my credit card, they always inform me and let me know so I can make payment my way--okay so I felt a little reassured--I should have gone with my gut feeling. Okay so during the year, I was very careful with my kids to stay with in the insurance guidelines--and paying everything that came up----When my daughter needed a baby root canal--they told me 200 out of pocket and made her appointment--so in the two weeks I saved the extra 200 dollars to pay them-----and the insurance covered the rest---so then after my daughter knocked her front cap off it cost 400 and out of pocket for me 55 ---I hope I am making sense---I want you to understand that I pay my part that my insurance does not--and when it is a lot of out of pocket, I save for it. I just don't have 500.00 to just hand out--in fact I don't really know any one who does. Okay so fast forward til now----On Friday, I was supposed to get my budget money--I get a call from my husband and he tells me that 400 dollars have disappeared from my checking account and it went to a Dr. C---My husband asks me if I know anything about this--I said no--so I get off the phone and call the Dentist---Well, the lady told me that all the insurance adjustments had come in and that they were 400.00 off of what they had told me to pay all last year and that the 400.00 made everything caught up---I told her, that I was not informed that this was going to happen, and she said she sent a bill--my husband told me he never received a bill for anything from the dentist--and I told the lady that I never received a bill and even if I did, she had no right to just take the money---oh well, they sure thought they had every right!!! I told them I want my money back and I will pay them accordingly---I was trying to be so sweet and understanding but inside I was fuming--I felt violated and mad--I have never had to ask a dentist for my money back--anyway, I explained to her--that through out the year, she knows darn well, I never would have made a payment of 400.00---maybe 200.00 now and 200.00 next month--I explained to her, that we have a house payment, car payment, light, gas, groceries and everything is budgeted very carefully so everyone gets paid and we don't get in debt---boy did she mess up my budget--I felt violated--does that even make any sense? Well, that evening I laid in Bed, and I prayed about it--I did not like feeling angry and mad--and wanted to let go of that feeling--so my husband told me to close that Visa card and get a new one with a new number and call the dentist and inform them that we will no longer be using there services. He wasn't mad, like I was, he was just a little ticked about how they were so sneaky about it--we even looked over all are bills and there wasn't anything that they said they had sent out---oh boy this is long--forgive my LONG run on sentence..LOL--ohhhh that felt good to get out--thank you so much for listening to my vent!!!

Now on to more fun and interesting posts.


Jenny said...

What a mess, Julieann! And on a Friday, too. Ugh. I hope it's all settled now. By the way, you handled it very well.

shekinahhvac said...

Hi Julieann, I am glad you were able to get this out. There is something about letting it out that helps. I would have been angry also. I find many places, businesses etc. are not as professional as they could be. I am glad that your husband was able to be at peace with it. I pray you finnd your peace and realize we do live in an ahnry world.
I believe you handled yourself very ladylike, i would have shown my anger. I am proud of you and so is our Father God, and I am sure your hubby is also.
Blessings dear one

picketfencemom said...

That definitely was a trial, wasn't it??!!! But like Jenny said, I think you handled it well! If someone took $400 out of checking account, we'd be in BIG trouble! LOL
Have a great rest of the week!

Anonymous said...

Oh, there must be something about dentists... I've had a similar experience with ours and it has been so frustrating to deal with!! I agree, it sounds like you and your husband dealt with it really well.

Your picture post was really fun, by the way! I loved the cake!!

Have a good evening, Julieann!! :-)

Heather said...

GRRR! how maddening... but like they say.. it sounds like you kept your head and knew what you were going to say each step of the way.... I always think of all the things I shoulda said, later after the confrontation is over.. .then I get annoyed with myself.... (o:

Heather said...

Have you talked to them again....or heard from them.... I love it when people like that have to admit they did something wrong!

Chrissy said...

Julieann -

You poor thing! We too have to budget for things and when something like that happens, as it inevitably will, it drives me nuts.

I think you handled it just right though! {{HUGS}}