Thursday, March 08, 2007

Pictures and other Fun Stuff

Happy Thursday

First off, I want to say I so enjoyed all the comments in my last post--about buggies and carts, and pop and sodas--they were so much fun to read. I also want to say, it was so nice to see some new visiters here too--I am going to stop by all your blogs today, if I haven't already been there yet--I will:) I get so excited meeting new people, especially women who are likeminded like myself--YAY!!!
Second here is a a few pictures of my recipe notebook---I really need to get a second binder--unless I can find an even bigger three ring binder, that would work too. My recipe binder, needs a little attention--but for now it works-----this is the front cover--which also changes--->
When I find a neat recipe in a magazine that I want to try I rip it out and put it in my binder in plastic--doesn't this dessert look wonderful for 4th of July?---> I also print out recipes that I see on the foodnetwork-->
This is my ranch Dressing recipe that I am always talkning about---> It was given to me on the Kitchen Frugality board years ago----> (click to enlarge)

Okay on to something else. Here in California, we have to have 3 trash cans---black is for trash, brown is for recyclables, green is for shrubbery, leaves, grass, etc...
Isn't this lovely? This is in between my house and the neighbors---my neighbor planted those flowers and I think they look so pretty-->
Flowers are blooming everywhere-->
Okay, I need some help here. My daughter went to a farm for a field trip and she planted some radishes in this container. As you can see, they are starting to grow---I have no idea what to do now--do I leave them in this container? Do I plant them outside? I have never planted radishes before. HELP!!!
These are my birdies---Sunshine and Sky. They sing all day---It is so funny to see Sunshine walk around the house---I then grab him and kiss, kiss his head...(LOL)

This is around my neighborhood--> It was overcast when I took this picture, but if you look you can kind of see the blue of the ocean in the back----Do you see it--I need to take a better picture, when it isn't so over cast-->
I am on my way somewhere in the car--->

Do you see that bird on the light pole--he is singing so loud (LOL)
I love these signs posted everwhere--->

Okay, well thanks for looking at all the pictures.

My list of to do's
My bathroom rugs are in the wash
a load of whites are in the dryer
All trash has been taken out of all the cans in all bathrooms
Floors need to be mopped
Today is clean out fridge and get it ready for my shopping day tomorrow:)
Make list of groceries
I took Chicken out of the freezer---I have not decided just yet what I am going to do with it----Chicken and Dumplings? Baked Chicken? Grilled--hmmm, I will figure it out.

Last night, I ended up making Hamburger Gravy with the ground beef, and I made rice---so you can put the Hamburger Gravy over the rice, Burnt brussel sprouts, salad-->Dinner was good.

I hope you all have a glorious and blessed day xoxoxo


Candy said...

Hiya!! :) LOVED all the pictures!
Especially the 3 trash cans! You know I LOVE that idea because its so neat and organized!!!!! :)
Love it!

Hugs to you,

Jenny said...

I love the outdoor pics, Julieann! And yes, I think I can see the ocean, too.

Amber said...

I love all the pictures. Your neighborhood looks so nice and quiet!

I really like your recipe binder. I may have to do that. I already did the other binder you showed. I love it. Makes my day a lot easier!

picketfencemom said...

The flowers are beautiful! Thanks for sharing the pics! I know you must enjoy the ocean. My mama, Betty at Country-Charm (blogspot), loves the ocean too. She says she thinks she must have salt water in her veins! LOL We all go to Amelia Island, FL every summer!
Your to-do lists and menus inspire me so much. I also like your recipe binder. I have a smaller version, but I think I need to go 'bigger'....LOL
Have a great evening!

Heather said...

Great pictures! Makes me long for spring to come! I really like your blog. You have inspired me to get myself moving!! I was a Fly Lady user a few years back and have backslid in a big way!!! My house is in chaos and I've been hating it...So after looking at your blog and a few others, I've decided it's time to look up Fly Lady again. Time get those routines going again. So I signed on again.... Your "control Journal" as she calls it looks great.... I've been looking at yours for ideas...thanks!
Feel free to drop by my blog anytime. (c:

Elizabeth said...

Beautiful photos...

Re. the radishes -- I'm no radish expert, but I would thin them out, harden them off (expose them to the outdoors little by little), and then plant outside.

Momma Roar said...

Were you driving when you took those pictures? lol

Your recipe binder looks great - that is something I've been working at these past few weeks; in addition to creating a 6 week meal plan. I just about have it together, and then I want to start adding recipes in that I'd like to try - right now there are in a big bag in the closet :(

Tiany said...

Hello I am new to your blog (first visit) I love your pics, so much fun! I too have a similar Recipe book; I have compiled all my recipes into a 3 ring binder too! I am originally from northern Cali and miss it so much; you are so blessed to live there :-) We don’t have any kind of recycling system where I live, so sad.

Congrats on the new blessing, praying you have a safe and healthy pregnancy!!!


Searching For a Meaning said...

Thank you for sharing all the delightful photo's - including seeing the budgie's.

They can be quite characters - I had one who used to perch on my glasses (when wearing them) and quite content to watch what I was doing.

Used to hate when I answered or made a call - would attack both the phone and my ear - wonder why??

Luv your blog page - an education for all.