Thursday, March 29, 2007

Blog Time:)


Busy Morning already:) I am taking a break before I go and pick up my daughter from school. After I dropped the children off, I came home and emptied out the dish washer, cleaned all the dishes from this morning. I pre-made my mashed potatoes, for tonights dinner----Look how light and fluffy they turned out---> I will put them in the oven to re-heat with a little cheese on top. Boneless Pork shoulder strips will be served along with a nice green salad---While the potatoes were boiling, I made dinner rolls, I didn't add a picture because they are already on here.
Next I cleaned out the inside of the fridge--this just seems like something, you have to always keep on top of, or it becomes over whelming. I surely don't want my MIL coming to my house and seeing funky things in my fridge..(LOL)
I think I have posted the outside before--but I just love the artwork--it always makes me smile.
Here is an Easter picture my daughter made for me--it is on the wall by my computer--another thing that makes me smile to see.
Here are the books we picked out from the library for Alexis. Tony did get the Lord of the Flies book for English--which I am kind of tempted to read myself, I did see the movie years ago, and that movie left me in AWWWW--I wonder if the book will too.
I have comet in all the toilets right now, for a good cleaning--and I also sprinkled comet in the kids bathtub, I am going to scrub that after I pick up Alexis from school.--I just hope I can give it a good scrubbing right before my MIL gets here too--or I might need the help of my Hubby which I so hate to ask.

It is a nice day today--sunny, I would say about 70.

Oh, another thing, remember how I ordered a new Visa Check card, well it is supposed to get here by Tuesday--which is totally fine, but Kevin had given me some cash until my card gets here---The day we cancelled the card, I didn't have any cash on me, and I didn't have my card, so my poor hubby had to make a store pickup for me, bless his heart. Well, my point is, it is kind of neat to have actual cash in my wallet, and have a visual of my budget.

...and something sweet my husband said to me yesterday--I was sitting down for a second because the baby was sticking something in his favorite spot, my ribcage, and it was hurting, so I sat down, and said to my husband, I bet you are anxious for the baby to come to give me something to do (I was totally joking) And my dear sweet Husband said, Honey, I don't know how you do what you do already:) I felt so appreciated at that moment, kwim?

Anyway, you all have a wonderful Thursday my friends xoxoxo


Amber said...

I don't know how you do it either...because so far along! It is great though that you are feeling so well!

Momma Roar said...

Yummy potatoes!

I read Lord of the Flies in HS and I did enjoy it - books are always better than the movies - IMHO!

You have yourself one sweet hubby!! But, I am sure you already knew that!!

Heather said...

yes... I'm with your hubby... I don't know how someone as pregnant as you are could have so much energy... well.. okay.. someone NOT pregnant either for that
take care

Kelli said...

Awww..what a sweet thing for your husband to say! It sounds like you have gotten lots done today and your potatoes look yummy! Your fridge looks great! I really need to clean mine out!
Talk to you soon!

Mrs.B. said...

Awww, what a sweet thing for your Mr. Wonderful to say!

And I must agree with him...I'm often inspired by how much you accomplish! (o:


Elizabeth said...

What an understanding hubby you have! Of course, if you keep feeding him all those wonderful looking mashed "taters", he'll be sure to stay content.

Anonymous said...

That really was a wonderful compliment from your husband!!! :-)You really do accomplish so much!!

I had a hard time with our tubs at the end, too. I didn't want to ask my husband either (he works hard enough) and I thought it might be too messy for the kids to handle. So, my solution was too sprinkle Comet and do most of the hard scrubbing with a mop. It worked OK, but the first job I did when I got out of the hospital was to really scrub those tubs!!

I know what you mean about wanting the place nice and clean for your MIL. I had tried to get things done before my mom came, but then I went into the hospital sooner than expected and had been in there a couple of days before she arrived, so I think she probably saw some funky stuff around my whole apartment!!!


AAh, that was so sweet what your husband said to you. The potatoes look really good. connie from Texas

Candy said...

Those mashed potatoes look SO good. (Mash potatoes are my favorite!!!)