Monday, January 21, 2013

Monday :) Food!

I made meatloaf for dinner the other night:)  This is what it looks like going into the oven.

This is what it looks like coming out of the oven:)
.............and of course, I served it with real mashed potatoes.  I have no problem using instant potatoes in a pinch, but I do like to make homemade potatoes.  I also made a mushroom gravy to go with dinner.

Salad :)
Cheese and tomatoes on the side.


On another night I also made this broccoli cheese casserole.
I watched Paula Dean make it on a you tube video.  I will post the video below.  It was so simple!
I made just two adjustments, instead of using frozen broccoli, I used fresh.  I just cooked it for 5 minutes in boiling water to make it tender.  Paula also crushed ritz crackers on top.  I crushed Cheez-its :)

It was really delicious!

Watch the video on how to make it, if you are interested, it is only 3 minutes :)

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