Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Groceries and Chit Chat :)

Scroll down my sidebar and mute the "Little House on the Prairie" song :)

Sorry, I speak so softly in this, I will talk louder next time :)  Turn your volume up!


jen said...

Love the vlogs!
I am having a lonely kind of quiet day here while my son is at school and your vlog cheered me up :)

Love seeing all the stuff you can get down South/hearing about the South-up here in Canada is it different /different stuff-

Thanks again
Jen P

jen said...

not sure if my last comment worked-if not-
loved the vlogs :)
Jen P

Julieann said...

Hi Jen :) Yes, your comment went through. I have my comments on moderation because the amount of spam coming through was incredible....I am hoping soon, I can take the moderation off :)

Thank you for your feedback on my vlogging. I enjoy hearing what people also helps me to decide if I am going to continue doing it....

I so enjoy writing my blog, so that won't stop...but I am not sure if the vlogs are interesting, kwim?

Anyway, thank you so much for your comment, I truly appreciate it!


Mari said...

I'm enjoying the vlogs too.
It is really cold in Michigan. 1 degree when I went in yesterday, 5 degrees today. Snow has been coming down since Sunday so there's been lots of shoveling going on.
There are no Publix near us either, but I've heard a lot about them.

DeNiece Barnes said...

Julieann, I love the new videos. I have watched each and everyone and then I told myself it is time for me to make another video lol. I too have heard about Publix but we do not have one in town, but we have an Alidi and their prices are pretty good. Just dropping in to say hello and to let you know that I am enjoying the videos.Have a wonderful rest of the week. Here in NC we are bracing for an ice storm so off to the store I go.

chrissy said...

That was fun! I enjoyed hearing your little buddy in the background...I know you love having him with you.

I shop at Publix sometimes too...usually for the BOGO's.

Still pretty cold here but we have to venture out a little bit today so we'll have to bundle up. Hopefully I'll get a somewhat substantial post up later today...

Julieann said...

DeNiece, You know I love your videos!!!! I hope you do one :)

Thank you ladies for taking the time to comment, and Chrissy, I look forward to a post :)
Hugs to you all XO


Christina said...

I didnt even know you were doing vlogs till I saw that on FB. I really enjoyed them Julieann!! You must make more!! You are so soft spoken, its sweet! :) Have a wonderful Thursday my friend :-)))