Friday, January 11, 2013

Me :)

I took a picture with my phone :)

I went to the Doctor's today.  I have asthma and the doctor wanted me in for a checkup.

He also wants me to take Little K for his allergy tests, it is time. 
I so hope, the tests come back, that it was all a horrible dream and Little K is not allergic to nuts.

It was a beautiful rainy day, not too cold.  I am such a winter girl.  It is funny, that I am a Cali girl, but prefer the cold and rain...LOL.

For dinner we had a pork roast, I made this new was like a risotto..I will share the recipe soon :)


I have got to organize all my cards.....birthday cards, thank you cards...etc...any ideas?

Not sure what all is in store for the weekend...BUT, I do know, no Doctor appointments next week..WooHooo!!!

P.S.  I am so enjoying my new iphone..LOL..who would have thunk...;)


chrissy said...

Have not joined the iPhone crowd yet...I'm resisting but know it's coming ;o)

Julieann said...

LOL...Yes, Chrissy it is coming...LOL.

Mari said...

Very pretty picture! I hope Little Kevins tests turn out good!