Friday, January 18, 2013

Friday ...Kitchen....

Good Morning!
It is a cold Friday morning, and I am having a peppermint Mocha Coffee!
Here is a picture of my kitchen, and on the counter is my crockpot, and I am slow cooking beans:)  I made Beans and Greens on Wednesday.

Close up of the beans.  Even in Cali, I made Beans and Greens...LOL.  It is just not a southern thing!

Here is a peek into
my you see all that fun food, well that is my husband's doing...LOL.  It is really a nice size pantry, a lot bigger than the one I had in the house in California.  In fact everything is bigger here in Georgia.  This house has so much storage and places to put things.  The bigger the home, the less cluttered it looked...LOL.  I still can not believe I was able to fill up my closet.  You all have seen my closet, it is bigger than my first apartment...Let me see if I have a picture.....
Okay, here is my closet.....still working on how to organize it.  In the far right is my sewing table and sewing machine.  The dresser all the way in the back holds my jewelry.  My perfume is actually on my dresser in my bedroom.

I hope you enjoyed the pictures.  I also enjoy going back and seeing what things looked like and what I was doing...LOL.  I am so OCD like that.

I have to go look in the freezer and figure out what to pull out...
ALSO, we have a 3 day weekend!!!  I am soooo happy about that!
It is soo cold here too, so please stay warm and drive safe!

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The Lady of the House said...

All those pictures look so good. Very organized and delicious! Speaking of large closets, my little boys first real room was a large closet! Yours is big enough for a studio, let alone a room.