Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Ronda, the Ginger Chicken I made the other night--was Lawry's Marinade:) was really good too--and it made great sandwiches the next day--so it was simple and good.

Do you ever start one project and then it leads into another one--I was cleaning out the dungeon downstairs--I mean the coat closet--and ohhh what a mess---I want to hang ALL jackets in there---instead of scattered in all the closets--and that would give me more room in Alexis's closet. So I was doing one thing and then that led to something else---My home is not prefect, by any means and sometimes, I cringe if I hear the door bell and I am not expecting anyone. I am trying to not be like that--but I have to give my house a good run down if I know someone is coming over----My house is not dirty--and I try to contain the toys--the keyword is try...LOL. I know that I notice things that no ever does...

I want to post this before I forget--it was so good. I was listening to
KWAVE and the Pastor said this: Let go of your past mistakes, God has already forgiven you for them, so you should too! I really liked that saying--Alexis didn't quite understand, so we spent some time talking about what it meant:) I enjoy this radio station very much--there is not too much I can play on the radio with my little ones in the car, even if the music is okay, the commercials can be horrid--I really don't want my kids to grow up so fast, let them be innocent for awhile. I was a little more free with Tony, my oldest, and I am not so sure if that was wise--I think he knows far too much then he should--I do have CD's that we play--and Kevin has made us some too. Laurie Berkner is a favorite--I think I know all her songs by heart...LOL.

A little tidbit of info about me---When I was 18 I bleached my hair blond and I was a blond for a few years---Do you want to see a is a riot--and ohhhh, the makeup:) Maybe, I will be brave and post a picture of that--I just don't want to scare anyone away....:::Giggles::::
Happy Wednesday!!


Ronda said...

Hey Julieann,
OOOOOO, thanks ever so much for the recipe tip. I'll get some and give it a try, it sounded so very yummy.
By the way, I think I am a bit older than you(ok lots older?), but it sounds kinda like your were doing the late 80's early 90's bleaching thing? HUH?, were ya'?. LOL, I would love to see a picture. I just bet you were adorable even as a blonde.
Have A Peachy Keen Day (oh blonde one at heart, LOL).
Love & Prayers,

Anonymous said...

I can relate to one project turning into another. I drained the pool and was preparing containers to store it and well that blended into cleaning the entire shed (we don't have a basement so thats our only storage) and I ended up going through every container too. It is a good feeling though when its all done.

I would love to see a picture of you blonde.

Anonymous said...

That happens to me every time I start cleaning closets!! I start re-arranging things and it turns into a disaster!!

I would love to see a picture of you as a blonde!! =)

Anonymous said...

Oh I would love to see a picture of you blonde, How fun. Yes I know what you mean about one project turning into another:)

Anonymous said...

Bring. It. On. Pictures like that really do serve a purpose...they can lift our spirits remembering ourselves at different stages in our lives. You're so brave!!
I have a recipe for Asian pork ribs that I will send you if you're interested. They are super yum-O if you like Asian food.
Take extra good care!

Tracy said...

Of course we want to see a picture!

Christina said...

Oh, I love the Lawry's marinades, I just bought the Hawaiian and the Herb & Garlic, have you tried those yet?

And definately have to show us your 'blond' picture now. :)

Rose of Sharon said...

I would love to see your picutres of you with blond hair!

I don't know how our closets can get so messy so fast! It's got to be that we are in a hurry and throw things in there.

I hope you have a great day!

:0) Sharon

Anonymous said...

Yes! I would love to see a picture of you as a bleached blond. :)