Friday, August 08, 2008

Feminine Friday

Today is Friday which means it is Feminine Friday---and Kelly at Barefoot Mama hosts this wonderful and fun Meme. Thank you, Kelly, as always for hosting this--it is a really a great idea. Please go over to her blog and add your link to Feminine Friday--she has the rules posted on how to play!

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Kelly wants us to post something *OUTSIDE* our home that makes us feel feminine--I had to think about this---I was thinking I could take a picture of my nail salon, or a tanning salon--both places I just adore--but I have not been using either as of late---I avoid those places when I have such a little baby---french manicures and little babies don't go well together--and I don't tan if I am pregnant or nursing--so even though I adore those places and they make me feel so pampered and feminine, I decided to post something that makes me feel feminine and it is free:)

Here is a picture of my beach--yes it is my beach(J/K)--actually I have gone to this beach since I was a small child, about ten--I grew up in the next town over and when I came to this small town of San Clemente, I knew this is where I wanted to live ---and besides the time I spent in Georgia (which I loved) I have spent most of my adult life living right here by this beach--the San Clemente beach--

Walking along this beach, barefoot with a sun dress on and your hair gently blowing in the wind--the water hitting your toes and the sun kissing your shoulders makes me feel so beautiful and feminine:)

There is a restaurant on this pier and I have gone to dinner with my husband here and while he was sitting up on the pier I would run down to the beach and wave up to him...LOL. Happy Feminine Friday everyone!!!


Sharon said...

Your beach is beautiful! :)

Ronda said...

How lovely your beach is Julieann.
Wish I lived near the beach.
Hope ur doing well.
All my love & Prayers,

Lisa@UnexpectedJourney said...

What a beautiful beach! I'll have to get down that way sometime. We usually head to Corona del Mar or the Balboa Penisula.
Have a lovely, feminine day, Julieann!

Mimi said...

The beach is lovely! I spent the first ten years of my life in northern Florida -- all around water and near the ocean. I love the sea.

Anonymous said...

what a fun thing to take a picture of Julieann. I love the beach also. we live about 2 seconds from it and love love love it. happy weekend

Tracy said...

Sounds wonderful!

Angelena said...

What a beautiful beach. I Have been to the beach 1 time my entire life. We live in the mountains. Your beach looks so peaceful and beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Hi Juliann,
What a beautiful place for you to enjoy! I don't know much about the geography of CA other than the 'famous' areas, but I did look up San Clemente. I know it's not very close, but I have cousins in Huntington Beach...although they always come back to GA to visit! :o)
Hope you are feeling are still in my prayers!
Tell Kevin that Chad requested his scores from the LR. When he talked with the winners from the Water division and compared notes, he figured out that he couldn't be too far off the first four places...he was 6th I was still very proud of him!
God bless,

Anonymous said...

Your beach is beautiful. I love the beach, even on a very stressed or sad day, it makes me feel better. I hope it can lift your spirits some. :)

Kathi said...

Beautiful Julieann, I love your description of your hair up and wearing your sundress. It's so wonderful that you can get away with your husband to the beach. Have a lovely day. Kathi

Kelly @ The Barefoot Mama said...

What a beautiful, enchanting photo and choice, Julieann! I love this! I adore the beach - and we're going there on our vacation in two weeks adn I CAN'T WAIT! Did I mention that I seriously can't wait. ;o) I love wearing a flowy dress and frolicking like a fool! In front of the 10,000 other people on the beach, of course. :o) Sigh, the freedom of ladylikeness!

Hope you guys are enjoying a wonderful weekend, lady-o! Been thinkin' about ya!

Lori said...

I love the beach too. Great picture. Makes me wish I was at the beach.