Thursday, August 14, 2008


Happy Thursday! We had a fun day at the park:) It was the perfect time, not too hot and too chilly--the sand was cool--so the baby actually walked in it and played in it. I wanted to take pictures, but with Little Kevin able to move fast, I just did not want to chance it. It is hard work chasing a baby on the move--is he a toddler yet? He does toddle...LOL.

Okay, I made the Onion Rings last night--they came out great--they were yummy!!! The recipe is in the
post below this one--you have to make these.

Well--I am doing laundry today and other fun stuff:) I can not believe it is already Thursday---

Dinner will be posted soon:)

Oh, and about my poll--thank you for playing--I was just curious about who is reading here--I had a feeling I had a lot of girly girls reading here--because normally I flock to blogs that I can relate to, too--I am sure for all you wonderful NON-girly girls my girl talk can be a bit much?...LOL-- Thank you ALL for visiting!!! Some days I have over 500 visitors and other days I have about 200--I remember the day when I had no one, I am so happy I started this blog, I have met so many wonderful women and I have learned so much too--you all are an inspiration to me--on days when I can't figure out what to make for dinner, I know if I do a little blog hopping I can find new ideas--or if I am in a cleaning slump I just go to one of your blogs and see how you ironed freshly cleaned linens and so on, and it such a motivation for me to get up and do something!! (((Great Big Hugs To ALL Of You)))


DeNiece Barnes said...

Julieann I left you a blogging award if you can go back an look at your comments yesterday and jump on over to my blog and pick up your award you deserve it.

Lori said...

HI there,

Yummy Onion Rings.

I am definetly a girly girl.
So wished we lived closer. I know we'd be good friends.

Still thinking of and praying for you. I hope you are doing ok.

Hugs, Lori

Lori said...
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