Saturday, August 23, 2008

Happy Saturday!

Well, yesterday we went back to the beach--and my oldest son came with us too--it was a lot of fun--and I have gotten so much sun. After the beach, I went to the grocery store and the checker asked me if I had just gotten back from vacation---I giggled because why would I want to go on vacation?? I love my little town--and this is where I got my tan. That also brings up the topic of staying home--what is so wrong about wanting to stay home---All my friends HAVE to go on vacation--I guess it is *Keeping up with Jones* syndrome here--I am just so happy to be at home and we live in a tourist town where people come from all over the world to vacation---Is this making sense? Unless my husband said we were going to move back to Georgia(I would love that too)--I am staying put here-----I totally understand going to visit family---I am not talking about that--I am talking about one of my friends telling me how broke they are and then next thing I know they are all going to Hawaii for the summer....I wish I could be that broke..(J/K)...Hawaii does not interest me in the least----places that interest me are--like if I had to pick some place to go--I would go to visit * The Laura Ingalls Museum* in Missouri or visit the WW 2 sites--that is just me--anyway---I did not mean to ramble on like this--my point is--I am just totaly happy and content to be home--Home is Where the Heart is:)

Kevin has to work ALL weekend, and school starts next week (Septemeber 2nd)--sooooooooooooooo--TODAY, I am going to do a *BIG* clean today--I played all day yesterday and all day the day before----I want my kids to have a fun summer--but now that school is coming upon us, I have a lot I want to get done before the big day. Also, when Kevin has to work weekends, I like to work also:)

Last week I went to IHop with some freinds and they took this picture of me---so I am sharing it here--->

Last nights dinner was leftovers--and tonight, I am grilling pork chops---I am also going to make stuffing--I feel like stuffing and Little Kevin has not had stuffing yet, I think he will like it. I will make corn and a salad too.

Happy *BIG* clean Saturday!!!


Kelli said...

You are too cute, Juliann! I understand about you mean about vacations. I'm a homebody, unless visiting family. :0) I love all your beach pictures from yesterday. I'm about to do some cleaning myself. I also have a load of laundry that I didn't finish yesterday. Have a great weekend!

Shirla said...

The pic of you and little Kevin is so cute. I know what you mean about going away for vacation. I live 2 hours away from the beach and the mountains. Going to either makes for a nice day trip. Many times when my children were little we would pack a picnic lunch and drive to either the beach or the mountains for the day. We made some wonderful memories.

Maria said...

I completely get what you are saying about vacations. In one sense it might be nice to get away. But, I also live in a tourist town that many pay so much money to come here. 4+ days of the week there is always something going on down at the beach.

Today I went to Mystic CT (10 miles away).

I like to create fun summer memories, but I think a lot of that can be made home or close to home.

Today reminded me how much we do have in less than an hour, great experiences. Living in New England there seems to always to be something to do, so much history and learning while having fun.

I love the picture of you and Kevin. ADORABLE!

Christina said...

That is a cute picture of you and Kevin--wow, I can't believe how much he looks like Alexis. :)

Anonymous said...

I've been reading your blog for sometime, but have never commented.
If you ever get to go to Laura's
place in MO, you will enjoy it.
We went about 4 or 5 years ago.
I wish people would not go on about all the vacations that they take, some of us can't afford to go anywhere. We go camping, thats
about all we can afford to do.
Anyway, I enjoy your blog, and the
Have a blessed day
Mrs. Jennifer

Lori said...

That is a cute picture of the both of you.

You are so busy all the time.

We have open house over at the shcool tomorrwo AM.
School starts here Thursday.

Hugs, Lori

Lori said...

That is a cute picture of the both of you.

You are so busy all the time.

We have open house over at the shcool tomorrwo AM.
School starts here Thursday.

Hugs, Lori

Julieann said...

Hi Mrs. Jennifer--Thank you so much for your comment---I bet Laura's Museum was awesome---and I totally agree about the vacation thing--Money Wise--we counot afford all these places my friends go to either----My friends can't really afford them either--but they have the debt and we don't;)


Julieann said...

HAAA--*Counot--That would be Can Not--I think I was trying to type Could and Not and came up with the word COUNOT...LOL--->OOPS!

Cherry said...

Hi Julieann! How happy and cute you look in that picture!
I'm sure you were having a nice time!
I'm happy to see that things are going well!
I hope you spend this last weeks (before the school starts)as well as you can and with your nice family!
Kisses from Spain!

Kathi said...

You look so young Julieann. What a darling picture. Your dinner sounds so good. Hugs, Kathi