Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Happy Tuesday!

Can you believe I did all my shopping today and I forgot to get Coke--that is my husbands absolute favorite drink--I realized what I had done while I was checking out--I couldn't just run and get it because I had the kids and half my cart was already unloaded. I shopped at Walmart before Albertson's and the coke was about 5.00 so I said no thank you to that price and I was going to pick it up at Albertson's--ahhh--so now I am making some *SWATE TEA* the wine of the south that my husband just loves. Here in California there is no such thing as sweet tea--if you want it sweet there is sugar on the table to add to it..LOL--I personally like ice tea with no sugar and a little lemon. Anyway, I am making some tea to hold him over until I can get back to the store tomorrow:)
Golden Potato Casserole: Click on the picture to enlarge the recipe---I am making this side dish with my dinner tonight--I thought it looked really yummy--it is out of the Taste of Home Magazine. London broil will be served with it--steamed broccoli and a fresh green salad with YUMMY avocados!

School starts September 2nd---I went to the highschool today with Tony and we figured out a plan for this year--my son is very smart but he just does not apply himself--he gets an A in the social aspect of school but his study skills are lacking a bit---so this is going to be exciting as he gets closer to adult hood. It is hard for him, he is not a little boy, but he is not quite a man--so I know he has his struggles--but, oh what a mature young man I had in my time of need--I will never forget that!

Today is another hot one, A/C is on---do you think it would look funny if I put Fred out...LOL (My Scarecrow)

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Primrose Hill said...

wow....I know I have been reading your blog a long time when I know who "Fred" is...HEEHEEHEE.


Tracy said...

You're sweet to make Kevin's sweet tea when you forgot his Coke. I love the little things you do for him!

As far as Tony goes, everybody matures at different ages. He's probably just not found what really interests him yet. Hang in there! I'm so glad that he was there for you when you needed him most!

If you feel like decorating, then go for it!

Anonymous said...

It is too soon to put out Fred, lol. Has been a lousy wet summer here over on the east coast, wish I had to put on my AC, lol. I want summer to stay around longer...

So very sad to hear about your miscarriage.... But you know what? I just know the Lord will bless you with another. Heal and believe....

Michelle s0ngbird1962

Lisa@UnexpectedJourney said...

Your dinner sounds wonderful!!
Have a nice week!

Lori said...

Your meals always sound so good.

Stopping by to say hello and catch up on your blog.
I hope to post soon(slideshow(s) on our vacation.
Other than being super busy catching up at home....my computer was down yesterday.

Ronda said...

The potato casserole sounds great.
Thanks for sharing it.
Love & Prayers,