Friday, August 01, 2008

Feminine Friday

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Happy Feminine Friday Everyone---have I mentioned lately I just adore being a girl--well thanks to Kelly and her blog we can all share things in our lives that help us feel feminine. This week I am going to show you my sewing machine--I think every female should have one of these. I am not the best sewer, but I am learning and trying my best:)..Plus it is so much fun. My husband bought this sewing machine for me (a few years ago)--and I treasure it.

Thank you for visiting my Feminine Friday--Please go on over to Kelly's Blog and share your Feminine Friday with all of us girls! Thank you Kelly for hosting this.


Emily said...

Congradulations on your new addition. I too love my sewing machine although I am not an accomplished seamstress yet. But I am working on it. : )

Shirla said...

I wish I could sew. My husband found a great deal on a nice sewing machine while he was out shopping by's sitting in the bottom of my closet because I don't know how to use it. :(

Julieann said...

:::Giggles:::It isn't a new addition , My husband bought it quite a few years ago for me...:)

Shirla, when I got the sewing machine--I had no idea how to sew, I am slowly teaching myself:)

Anonymous said...


Thank you for visiting my blog! I have a sewing machine too, but I don't have any idea how to use it. My husband keeps saying we should take it back, but I keep promising to use it. Someday!

Sondra said...

Practice, practice :) I have an old one in a cabinet but I do not sew well at all. My husband, mom and sister are all very good at it. I tried to make me a catwoman costume one year- sewed the neck right shut! LOL!

Julieann said...

Is that internet explorer thing coming up for you--some blogs will not open for me---

Debbie said...

I am teaching my 28 year old daughter (& SAHM) how to sew. She was using my old sewing machine, and we just got a newer one. She said to me "WOW - this sewing thing is fun on this machine". I had forgotten how much I liked to sew. It is so soothing to work on a project. Good Luck & Congratulations on the baby. Enjoy every moment!

Lady Black said...

Nice sewing machine! When I was a child I always asked to my granma to teach me to sew, but nowadays I still have no idea! ;-)

My mother knows how to sew and she does it very well but lately she doesn't sew because she's too busy with other issues...

I'd like to learn and made some clothes by myself.

I'd like to see some of your things made with this^^

Kisses. Enjoy!


Kelly @ The Barefoot Mama said...


I love your sewing machine! I have my grandmother's old one - and was just lamenting on another blog about how I cannot use it. ;o) Not to save my skirt! LOL! I envy your ability and hope to join you one day!!

Mrs. U said...

I love your sewing machine! I can't sew. Well, I don't make time to sew, I should say. My family bought me a new sewing maching for Mother's Day and I have yet to use it. Part of it is that I am SCARED TO DEATH to make something and mess up (can you say "perfectionist"? Oh dear!!!) And another part is that I have no idea what to make!! When you sew something, if you have time, please share. I would love to learn and get ideas!

Mrs. U