Wednesday, November 15, 2006


HA Ha!! I thought this picture was so funny with my daughter peeking in the picture:)

And then the next picture is with her arm asking what everything is--I am posting these for fun, and also to post what I got today at the Farmer's market. I got a bunch of sweet potatoes for only 2 dollars, yay!!! Also, the Cilantro was only 30 cents, I love cilantro--yummy! Tomatoes were only 77 cents a pound and Alexis informed me after counting them, I got 16. I also got celery, green beans, green leef and iceburg lettuce.
I also bought some egg roll wrappers, and some more won ton wrappers--there are just so many different things you can do with those--and my family just loved the egg rolls, when I made them.
My Grandmother gave me a bag ful of chicken breasts--she doesn't care for them, she likes the dark meat better--so it looks like we will be having chicken again for dinner--well, I will do something different then last night's Balsamic vinegar chicken, which I must say, was very good.

I am still just so happy at the price I got for those sweet potatoes and tomatoes. I just love a happy kitchen:) Have a wonderful Evening--I have to start dinner, it is now almost 4:00 and Kevin just got home--oops--kind of early, but that is okay--I can whip up dinner fast..LOL, especially when my kitchen is well stocked.


Anonymous said...

Wow, Julieann!!! What GREAT finds!!! I just noticed that you are in California. I hear such FABULOUS things about all the fresh fruits and veggies in CA. What a BLESSING!!!!!

Please share any great recipes that you make with your mouth-watering produce!!

Mrs. U

Anonymous said...

Oh wow...that looks LOVELY and yummy!