Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Today's Post :)

I plan on breastfeeding my baby---bottles are not an option and formula is just not what God had intended for our precious gifts. Breast is best, need I say more:)

This is a picture of Kevin and I one Christmas--I like this picture of us:)

This is my dog...he is just like another child in my home..LOL:) He is 4 pounds and sometimes I think he thinks he is 400....

This is me and my daughter at her Red Ribbon parade..my son was there but he stayed away from the camera..LOL

Today in San Clemente California, is a dark and cold day--I LOVE IT!! I put on a black turtle neck and a grey skirt--I love dressing for winter. (and if you happen to stop by--I would probably have an apron on too)

I am going to make chicken tonight, and found a recipe in one of my magazines, for the very best chicken, they marinade it in balsamic vinegrete--we shall see if it is the *very best chicken*

I also want to post a few links that I just love---I love this site for printables, calendars, to do lists, schedules etc..it is free---Organizedhome.com
I also like this site for printables also---> Debi's site
And of course I can't forget FlyLady

I always thought I was pretty good with computers, but I just can't figure out how to post links on my sidebar:( I would love to add my favorite blogs that I read, but I can't get it to work--there are so many lovely blogs out there, that I love to read----I love to read about how other's keep there home, and what they are cooking--and I absolutely love pictures!!!

You all have a Happy Tuesday xoxox

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