Thursday, November 30, 2006

My Morning Giggle

This morning when I stopped at the store to get milk, my car did not want to start. It is the battery--it did this the other day, but Kevin thought something had been left on to cause the battery to die. Okay so I come out of the store, get Alexis all snuggled in her car seat and go to start my car---oops--it is dead--I get out of the car, get my handy little charger, and hook it up to my battery---you would not believe how many men came out of the woodwork to help a pregnant lady charge her car--I was trying not to laugh, but I had it all under control---but they insisted on helping me, and making sure the car started---it was cold outside, and all I could think of was getting home so I could go pee----LOL--Too much info I know--but I am pregnant, it happens...LOL. Bless all those sweet men trying to help me, when I really did not need it...LOL

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