Friday, November 17, 2006

Fried Turkey

We had bought a Turkey fryer a few years back, and my husband just loves it cooked that way. He injects the turkey with marinade. Last year he injected it with Emeril's seasoning--it was very good and moist. We had 20 people for dinner last year, so we fried one and baked another. Since this year will be smaller, I think we will fry one and I will bake a small ham. The fryer cooks the turkey super quick , if I remember correctly it is something like 5 minutes a pound. I saw some fryers at the grocery store, and they still are pricey, 120.00. The peanut oil to fill it, cost about 30.00. We do have a pump, that pumps the oil back into its container and filters it. So that is how we will cook our Turkey. I will take a picture of it while it is frying and when it is done---it looks so pretty when it is done.

The only drawback about frying it, is the stuffing has to be cooked seperatly instead of inside the turkey--and yes, I call it stuffing..LOL. I will post my stuffing recipe next--it is my grandma's recipe and it is oh so good--it is white bread stuffing--not cornbread.

Also, when I was in Georgia, my MIL taught me how to make giblet gravy with the boiled eggs in it---that was new to me, but that is how I make it now, and everyone loves it.

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