Friday, November 10, 2006

Good Morning!!!!

Good Morning!!! I didn't post yesterday, but I had a very nice day. Early in the morning, I went shopping, I went to Walmart and then to Albertson's. At Albertson's I bought meat and produce. At Walmart I bought toiletries and paper products---I love when I have a well stocked home, it makes it more fun to be a housewife...LOL. Did I say fun? Yes, I love being a wife and mother, I wake up every morning and I can not wait to start the day and cook and clean and make a happy home for my family:) I spent 100.00 at each store, which I think was really good, considering I got a bunch of much needed stuff.

I made my chicken stock that turned out really good. For dinner last night I made lasagna--boy was it good. My son also had a dentist appointment. Today is Friday now, and there is no school --yay!!!!!

It wasn't hot yesterday like it had been, which I am happy about--I love the cooler weather--it makes it more seem like November and not July.

Well enjoy your coffe or tea this morning. I am going to put a load of laundry in the dryer, and I will be back shortly to write about a product I bought yesterday and other fun stuff. Happy Friday Friends xoxoxoxox

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mrsa said...

I love having my home well stocked as well. It makes for much easier homekeeping.