Monday, November 06, 2006

Meatloaf according to Julieann:)

Mrs.U asked me for my recipe for meatloaf---I don't really have a concrete recipe--I do it differently everytime, can anyone relate to that..LOL. Sometimes I split the meat in two and put cheese in the middle--yummy:) This time, what I did was basic, I added onion soup mix, catsup, an egg, bread and *W* sauce. Other times, instead of bread I will add crackers, or BBQ sauce---and if I don't use the onion soup mix, I will cut up fresh onion. I guess my meatloaf is made depending on my mood. Another thing my husband likes, is when I layer bacon over the top. Also, Mrs U has such a beautiful blog-- You all need to check hers out--I hope you don't mind me posting your link:)

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Anonymous said...

Hi Julieann!!!
You know I don't mind you sharing the blog!!! The more the merrier, I say!! :)

I NEVER thought about using onion soup mix in meatloaf!! What a GREAT idea!!!!! I'm DEFINITELY trying that next time- with the W sauce, too!! Thank you for sharing!!!

Mrs. U