Monday, November 06, 2006

A Few of My Favorite Things

This is my everfaithful bread machine--it has moved across country with me both times, and boy did I bubble wrap it alot..LOL. My Darling Husband gave it to me a few Christmas's back, and I just love it. It helps me make my bread, bagels, pizza dough, rolls-- This is my FoodSaver, another very handy Kitchen gadget--I had another one, that didn't seem to work so well, but this one does a very nice job--doesn't it look nice on my counter? I keep it out, so I will use it.
Oh, and my rice steamer!!! I love this little steamer. I was watching Martha one day, and she said, every kitchen needs one of these--so I told Kevin, I need a rice steamer, because Martha says so. Kevin's reply was, Julie, you have a pot, lid and water--you have a steamer..LOL. Well as you can see, I got my steamer--it does a lot more then just steam rice too--I use it almost every day, for rice and steaming fresh veggies--yummy!!


Mrs A said...

I love my bread machine too! I use it a lot.

Jenny said...

Hello, Julieann! Kevin's comment about the rice steamer was too funny. Sounds just like my husband. By the way, I'm in the market for a bread machine and would appreciate it if you told me the brand you have. This one will be my first. Is this your first? Thanks!