Monday, October 02, 2006

Just a thought

This is just me, writing about something that just crossed my mind, take it or leave it. I was reading the news, and came across a celebrity that found out she was pregnant, and then decided to get married. What is up with that. What happened to getting married first, and then having children???? Okay, I am trying not to be judgemental, but I think some people just have things backwards. Women having children with their *boyfriends*??!!??--oh well, that is just a thought I had---okay I am done.


Jenny said...

Hello, Julieann! In a similar vein, I listen to a radio station that plays 30's, 40's, and 50's music. One day the song "You Send Me" by Sam Cooke was on. There is a line that says "Now I find myself wanting to marry you and take you home." My husband commented that it would be the other way around if this song came out nowadays!

I do identify with what you are saying.

al said...

Julieann.....some girls are just 18 years old, pregnant and their mothers talk them out of marrying their boyfriends.

Not everyone is as you are or believes in what you do which is what makes this world a wonderful place to live.

Wish it was still the 1950's ...but it isn't. Watch what you say for you too have a young daughter who will grow up to be a young woman with a mind of her own :)