Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Tuesday's Ramble

Happy Tuesday. Today is my day at school as room mom:) The news said rain, I don't see it happening though--it's clear and sunny outside, I would say somewhere in the 70's--Oh how I love the rain. I don't really know why, but I have always loved the rain, and in Georgia, it was always raining, so I was happy..LOL. Last night at about 7:00 I was finished with all my work---After Alexis was bathed, I was tired---I usually have so much energy, but the baby is wearing me out---YAY---I am so happy to be pregnant..:) I was talking to some mom's at my daughter's school and we were talking about having more children, and not one of them sounded happy about it---they made comments like better you then me, or I am so glad there are women like you, because I could never do what you do. Some of them couldn't believe I volunteered so much time to my children's school---I don't know--I love my kids so much, and want to be near them and enjoy watching them grow and learn/experience new things. Don't get me wrong, there are moments when Tony teases Alexis (vice-versa), and they get some timeouts, or with Tony he gets things taken away, my kids are no where near perfect, but they are kids, they are good kids, and they are my kids:) ....and I can't wait to have more.

I took some pork out of the freezer, I think I will make some steamed rice and some sort of vegggie--not sure yet, nothing has popped out to me..LOL.

Okay, I will be 10 weeks in a couple days, and I am not sure if I gained or lost anything--I do not believe in weighing myself---when the doctor's weigh me, I tell them to keep it to them self--if it is nothing to worry about, I don't want to know. Too many women, worry so much about there weight--I think caring for your appearance is wonderful--I sure do--I take care of myself, I am 5 feet--and I know my weight fluctuates from 97 to 115--I am a petite girl..LOL....If I feel good about the way I look in the mirror, then who cares how much I weigh..LOL. I eat everything in moderation--I am not a red meat eater--I am more of a veggie/fish gal--I love salads with a good dressing. I don't drink sodas--I drink lots of water with lemon:) Okay, boy did I just ramble..LOL.

I really need to start crocheting again, if I am going to finish the afghan for Kevin done by Christmas--it really is coming out beautiful too.

Here is a thought:

Favorite Homemaking activity: Mine is cooking
Least Favorite Homemaking activity: Dishes---Blah..LOL...I feel like I am always doing dishes--I do them, I don't let them sit, but I have to say it is my least favorite homemakeing activity to do:)
You all have a very blessed and wonderful Tuesday xoxo


Jenny said...

Hello, Julieann! What a great post. I really like what you said about weight. You really are petite at just 5 feet tall. I thought I was petite at 5' 3". You must be so cute! I'm in between. I can't wear petite pants (too short) and I can't wear regular (too long), so I have to get regular and hem. Oh well!

What you said about having kids is spot on. I would love more, but to be honest, on days when my sciatica is at its worst, the thought really scares me. Sometimes there are days when I can barely move. I'll be so glad when this condition is better and our little family can grow bigger.
I am so pleased for you to have a new little one on the way. You are blessed.

Regarding your thought:
Favorite activity -- cleaning/organizing

Least favorite -- bed making

Anonymous said...

I switched blogs. MrsAngelena is no longer my blog. I was having a hard time putting my photos on the blog so I switched to typepad instead. you can visit me at


Julieann said...

MrsAngelena--I was wondering where you were....I will check out your new blog later this evening, I have a busy day ahead of me---Thanks for letting me know where to find you:)))

P.S. Jenny, you and I can start a petite club...LOL