Friday, October 13, 2006

Wheat Sheeths

I bought this bundle of wheat at Henry's Farmer's Market yesterday for .99 cents. I put them in a vase and put them on my table---doesn't it just say FALL IS HERE...LOL:)


Kimberly said...

How pretty! I've been looking for some wheat. All I've seen is a bunch at Target yesterday, but it was $19. Needlessness to say, it's still sitting there. It was pretty, but not that pretty! Isn't it fun to decorate for Autumn?

Julieann said...

19 dollars?? WOW!! Do you have a Farmer's Market by you, maybe they have them there, that is where I found mine. I wanted to put an orange ribbon around the vase, but I was out--I think, when I stop by Michaels I may pick up some rafia instead and tie it around the vase:) Thank you for visiting Kimberly:)(Your blog is lovely)