Monday, October 09, 2006

Vanilla, Placemats and Old Signs

I had mentioned in a previous post that my husband had bought me a bottle of Giorgio, which I love, I also love the perfume Obsession--but my absolute favorite perfume I love to use is Warm Vanilla Sugar--I use the body soap, lotion and then spray--I layer the scent so it lingers all day--when my husband comes home, he always says, how nice I smell..LOL:) I just the love the smell of Vanilla--I also light vanilla candles in my home--there is just something about that scent, that I just love. I had ran out of my Vanilla products, so I ran to Walmart to pick some more up--yes, Walmart--it sells them for such a great price. As I was there I found these placemats pictured below---> A pack of 2 for .75 cents---I just bought 4, they are so cute--and I just love decorating with a country flair. Here is a picture of a sign that is above the entrance to my kitchen--*PUMPKIN PETE'S* I had this sign, but thought I would share a picture of it--it fits nicely with the Fall and Halloween theme, plus it is a bit of country too--that sign will stay up all year.
Tonight's Dinner will be:
Baked Chicken
Mashed Potatoes----> remember I bought a bag of potatoes at the Farmers Market and got one free--YAY!!
Steamed Broccoli

Dinner will be served in my dining room, I set my table up nicely every night, with napkins, nice plates and salad dishes, etc...Do you think my family will notice the new placemats?? We shall see--I know my Daughter will, she notices everything:)

It is a cool Fall day here in San Clemente, I love it. I am wearing a black skirt with a cream kind of colored cotton top--I don't know how to explain the color, but it matches my skirt...LOL.

Well, that is all for now--You all have a Nice Monday xoxox

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