Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Talented Tuesday

Do you ever start a post, and have no idea what to title your post? I do that almost everyday..LOL. I could title each post of the day of the week---but then I thought that sounds just too plain. So I titled my post Talented Tuesday...LOL. Do you have a talent? I have always wanted to learn to play the piano, but never have yet. I say yet, because I will one day--I am not sure when but I will. I think at the present moment my talent is cooking--I can honestly say, I am a great cook. My worst talent, if you haven't already guessed is my spelling..LOL--where is the spell check when you need it?

On my site meter, I see many people from all over the country stop and read:) So if you want to play, tell me what your talent is.

I am room mom today, so I will be gone for a short while.

Dinner tonight:

Spaghetti and meatballs
Garlic bread

You all have a Nice Tuesday xoxoxox


Jenny said...

Hello, Julieann! What a coincidence! I'd have to say my best talent is musical in nature. I played piano and trumpet in my youth and was quite good. I left my piano at home after I married, so I haven't played in years. My worst talent is cooking! I have to try so hard. Ten years of marriage has helped, but I still can't count on anything.

Isn't it funny that we're opposites? If we lived closer, maybe we could give each other lessons!

Julieann said...

Oh that is funny!!! That would be so awesome if we lived near eachother--we could have so much fun teaching eachother:)