Monday, October 02, 2006

Mondays to do's

I just heard *Loves Abiding Joy* is coming out in theatres. Wow, I sure did not expect that. I have not been to the movies in so very long, I may just have to wait for this to come out on video--I am not real good at sitting for very long at the movies, or anywhere for that matter..LOL.

Monday--YAY!!! I adore Mondays:) I woke up at 5:30 to start my day---I am showered and dressed, I used the perfume my husband bought me for my birthday--he bought me Giorgio. My hair is down with a clip holding it out of my face, I have a grey skirt and pink top on---I feel fallish today. Is Fallish a word? I took chicken out of the freezer and I am going to make chicken and dumplings for dinner---I use the Betty Crocker recipe for the dumplings--I double the recipe because my family loves them:) I will do some laundry, and make sure the kids clothes are all ready for school. Oh, I almost forgot, today is student growth day, whatever that is..LOL--well, anyway, all I know is it means no school today, so my children are home today, yay!!!!! I bought a bunch of apples the other day, and I am tempted to make an apple pie--we shall see. I have to clean the kids bathroom today, it is in need of some attention. My big shopping day will be Thursday, I am taking my Grandma shopping that day, so I will be stopping at the Farmer's Market and stocking up there--I love that store. Well, I need to throw a load in the washer, and tidy up the kitchen from breakfast, will write more today if time allows, but until then you all have a Wonderful Monday xoxo

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Jenny said...

Hello, Julieann! You certainly have a busy day planned. Your outfit sounds so pretty. I'll bet that pink looks great on you judging from your pic.

Would you tell me the Betty Crocker recipe for dumplings? I have yet to find a recipe that works for me and have never come across that one.

Glad to hear your children are home to help and keep you company.