Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Dentist, Ghosts, TP Squares

Today is the day, this afternoon I have to take my daughter for a filling--OUCH!!! I was hoping my husband could get off early to go with me, I know there are going to be tears, but her tooth really needs to get fixed. I feel terrible, I was always so good at brushing her teeth and making sure they were clean.

It is really chilly today. It is quiet here right now, with both children at school and Kevin at work. I made my rice already for tonight--I am going to make fried rice so I need the steamed rice to be chilled for that tonight. My Grandma gave me a package of Orange chicken she had--she didn't want it, which is good for me--my kids love orange chicken:) Hopefully Alexis will be able to eat after the dentist.

I bought some Blow-pops to make ghosts with. I take tissue and and twist tie it around the sucker and with a marker I make little ghost faces--those are just one of the things I hand out for Trick or Treat. I also make goody bags to hand out.

I just love Holidays.

I measured my tummy with Toilet paper this morning, I am almost 8 squares..LOL. All my clothes fit just fine still. With Alexis I was showing by 3 months--so I am almost at the 3 month mark, so I am waiting to pop out..LOL.

Well, that is all for now. You all have a Wonderful Wednesday!!!! xoxoxox

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