Monday, October 30, 2006

Apple Pie Monday

When morning comes, are you excited to start the new day--or do you hit the snooze several times before you get up? I actually wake up before my alarm goes off, but I have it on just in case I don't wake up. I love starting each new day, and can't wait to get up..LOL.

Also before I fall asleep at night, I usually lay in bed and think about things I would like to do the next day. What I might bake, what I may make for dinner, do I need to go to the store, what project will I start--and sometimes, I even think about what I might wear.Today is Monday, and I have a lot to do today. My asthma had flared up really bad last week, from catching a cold and the California fires, the smoke just really irritated my lungs. I tried not to do too much over the weekend, so I wouldn't make my asthma worse--I haven't had an attack like that in years. My sweet husband took Alexis to the pumpkin patch yesterday, so she could ride the ponies, I stayed home, I don't think being outside would have been good for me.
So on my agenda---A couple loads of laundry
Make an apple pie--yummy
Clean out pumpkins and roast the seeds--I love pumpkin seeds.
Make little meatballs for tonight's dinner
and then all the normal daily stuff---keep kitchen tidy, vacuum, etc....:)

You all have an absolutely warm and safe Monday xoxoxox
I think we should all bake an apple pie today:)

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