Sunday, October 08, 2006


Happy Sunday!!!! I know a lot of people don't blog on Sundays, but I actually find Sunday's a day that I can actually sit down for a minute and write:) I think God is okay with that:)

Thursday, I took my Grandma shopping, we went to the Farmer's Market, and I ended spending 80.00 dollars. I bought so many different kinds of veggies. I also bought three pumpkins--yay:) I love brussel sprouts, especially when you cook them until they are really crispy--yummy--I call my recipe Burnt Brussel Sprouts. Later that day, when my children were home from school, my sister picked up my daughter for a play date with her daughter--the girls have so much fun together:) Dinner was, Teryaki chicken, steamed rice, shitake mushrooms, and a salad with all the fixings.

On Thursday evening Alexis had complained about her back tooth hurting---so Friday morning we went to the dentist--I had to go to her school, and explain that I wasn't going to be able to help out, because we had to go to the dentist. Her teacher said, don't worry, we will be fine:)
Alexis did very well at the dentists--I was very proud of her. My girlfriend also stopped by after dinner, and gave Kevin a trim.( I trim my hair myself) Friday dinner was Italian sausage on french bread with salad. Easy dinner for what seemed like a very long day.

Saturday, I had to go pick up a gift for a birthday party that Alexis was invited to. She had so much fun at the party, especially when Tinkerbell showed up. I did quite a bit of household chores, yesterday too. Dinner was homemade chicken enchiladas, refried beans and salad--yummy!!! I made a huge batch so I am going to freeze the rest for another time.

So much more went on last week, but I can't remember it Mommy Brain--but I do know, when I went to bed each night, I slept good.

Tonights dinner is going to be Pork strips, Burnt Brussel Sprouts, Twice Baked Potatoes, and of course a salad. I got two bags of potatoes at the Farmer's market, buy one get one free.

Kevin, was short handed last week, so he had to go to work and pick up the slack today, so it isn't so hectic Monday. I have laundry going----I just love the smell of the clean clothes. I am also going to make cupcakes, chocolate with white frosting that I am going to add orange food coloring too. I have really cute cupcake liners with pumpkins and ghosts on them, then I am going to sprinkle some orange and black M&M's on them and put a black spider on each---SPOOKY..LOL.

Another thing I like to do on the computer besides my blog is to go to the Prairie Homemaker website--I just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that forum!!!!

Well, I have to get the clothes out the dryer, and put the next load in:)

You all have a very Blessed and Peaceful Sunday xoxoxox

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