Friday, September 29, 2006

Friday's Chat

Today I am going to go work in the library at my daughter's school, when her class goes to check out books--it is from 11:20 to 1:00. This should be interesting..LOL. I am so glad today is Friday, I so look forward to the weekend when my family is home. It makes me so sad when I hear moms say they can't wait for school to start so the kids will be out of their hair----how can they say things like that?? I love my family and always want them near, that is why I participate so much in their schools:) I shut my cell phone off when I moved back to California, because the carrier was based in Atlanta and it only worked in Georgia--so Kevin brought me home a nextel, so he can talk to me through out the day, or if I need help and I am away from home, I can beep him..LOL--it makes me feel secure knowing that. I don't need an actual cell phone, in fact it really bugs me, when I am out with someone and they are constantly taking calls--geesh--what can't wait til they get home..LOL--oh well, I guess I am just too old fashioned:)

As for dinner, I am going to take out some ground beef--Tacos come to mind, and it is a family favorite:) I went to the store last night, and I bought a whole bunch of fruit and some skim milk--I didn't want to wait until next week, I need a lot of healthy food for making a baby:) I also cheated (shhhhh) I bought some bagels instead of making them.....This is my reasoning, Next Thursday, I am taking my Grandmother shopping, and I want to bring her some fresh homemade bagels, and if I make them now, they won't be fresh, makes sense?? LOL. I also bought perrier water, oh I love that water. I don't drink sodas, ever. I think the last time I had a soda was about 13 years ago--now my husband loves Coke---he drinks a lot of it, I try and deter my children from drinking it though, the carbination is not good for there growing bones.

As for the rest of the day, I plan on just keeping on schedule---a load of laundry, tiding up here and there, etc....Have a wonderful FUN FRIDAY xoxoxox


Jenny said...

Hello, Julieann! Working at your daughter's library sounds like sooo much fun. I bet you'll have a blast and she'll just be tickled pink to have Mama there.

Jammy said...

I miss my children a lot when they are in school. I sooo LOVE the summers!

Oh, and congrats on the pregnancy! I must have missed that.... :)