Thursday, September 28, 2006


In an earlier post I stated I was almost 10 weeks pregnant, in actuality I am almost 9 weeks(Saturday)---I guess I got a little ahead of myself..LOL---Oh well.

On my list of things to-do, I did a load of laundry, I made my fudge, I try and vacuum everyday, so I will do that shortly--there is nothing like a freshly vacuumed carpet. I had put some pumpkin spice potpourri in the guest bathroom and oooohhh, it stills smells so lovely..LOL. My big shopping trip will be next Thursday, so I am making my lists and clipping coupons, I will go to the farmer's market for all my fruits and veggies, oh how I love to shop at that store and stock up on everything--it makes for a very happy kitchen..LOL. I took out a seven bone roast for tonight's dinner, I will also prepare mashed potaoes and gravy a veggie and a nice salad.

On Tuesday, I finished reading to Alexis the Old Testament out of her children's bible, so we started the New Testament last night, oh boy is she is excited to hear all about Jesus--after I finished reading a few chapters, she asked me to read a little more, so I did. She can't wait for me to read more tonight--and boy, she will not let me forget ..LOL. I have to say, the children's bible is very interesting for me also, sometimes, it explains things so much easier for me to understand also.

The weather here is very nice, there is a slight chill in the air at times, and the feel of fall is in the air. Have I mentioned I love fall?? I think I have, LOL.

Tony, my 14 year old son asked me yesterday if we could have Friday fun days. He is not one to say or ask for things like that, but he explained that he thinks it would be nice to go out to eat at a restaurant on Fridays, Kevin and I have no problem with that idea at all. I am very frugal and try and make a dollar stretch as far as possible, but I think going out to dinner on Fridays could be worked out, it actually sounds nice--even though I love to cook--I need to take my children's feelings into consideration, don't ya think? Plus it is nice to have someone else cook for you once in awhile:)

After Alexis was asleep and all was quiet in the house, I turned on the TV and Little house on the Prairie was on, it was the episode about when Charles takes in two children that lost their parents, I am sure you have seen the episode--well anyway, it is a nice episode, but I sure wish Michael Landon had followed the books a little more closely, kwim?

Well, That is all for now---until next time, you all have a Thoughtful Thursday xoxoxox

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Jenny said...

Hello, Julieann! I saw that you stopped by. Thank you.

10 weeks is close enough. Are you sick or anything?

You certainly do keep busy. Isn't it nice being busy at home. The sense of accomplishment is amazing. It's better than any sense of accomplishment I ever had at work.

I know what you mean about your little girl's Bible explaining things for you. Sometimes when I have a question about something, I'll purposely go to the Children's section of the library and find something there. It provides a great starting point. I'm so glad your little girl likes being read to.

Your supper sounds delicious.

I love LHOTP, too. I've seen every episode many times but still enjoy it. Last summer, I stumbled upon one I'd never seen. It was from the first season, and Pa and the family were caught in a blizzard and had to camp in an abandoned barn. It was such a pleasure to see a "brand new" episode.