Sunday, September 10, 2006

Getting Settled

Happy Sunday everyone!!! Well, things are coming together, the house is looking really good--I am unpacking continuously, I can not wait till everything is in its place. When all is done, I will take pictures:) I really love my kithcen, it is so nice and spacious--I even have an island, yay!!!! I haven't really had time to do any kind of baking--but I have been faithfully making homecooked meals with lots of love. I have done all my shopping for the month, and stocked up on everything I couldn't bring with me on the move, so I have a happy kitchen now..LOL.

Alexis, told me yesterday her throat hurt--she ended up going to bed super early last night, and she has been sleeping on and off all day, poor baby:(

I am adjusting to school starting back up---I have to leave and pick up four times a day..busy, busy, busy!!!

The weather here is lovely--it is cool in the morning and and in the evening and warms ups during the day.

I am so absulutely ecstatic the way things are turning out--especially knowing I have a little life growing inside me--what a special feeling:)

You all have a glorious day xoxoxox


MrsAngelena said...

Yea!!! You're pregnant!!!! Congratulations.
I am glad to hear that you are moved in the new place and settled. Hope your little ones throat feels better soon. Luke my middle son is home from school with a sinus infection yesterday and today. UGH.

Julieann said...

Hi MrsAngelena -waiving- Thank you for the congratulations--I am so excited:)

I hope Luke feels better real soon--sinus infections are no fun:(