Friday, September 15, 2006

Short but sweet:)

I am not sure if I mentioned, earlier in the week, my daughter was sick---I am sure she got sick from school--well, she is all better now, but guess who got it now? Yep--ME!!! I don't know if I have mentioned, I really don't like feeling icky--so I try and pretend I am not..LOL. Does it work, sometimes. My father is coming to visit tomorrow to see us and our new home, I know it will be a short visit, but I wanted to make a few appetizers, and have coffee and juice--I am going to make a chocolate cake today too--I need to pick up my son from school in about an hour, so I am using this time to post this short post:) The house is nice and clean, I am just going to do a few things here and there to make it look even nicer for my Dad, when he visits. I am trying to think of an easy dinner to make, so I am thinking along the lines of meatloaf--what do you think? I am not a meat eater, but my family loves meat, so I have some sort of meat with each dinner---so I think meatloaf is it. It is kind of a cool day today--I am not sure if it is really cool, or is it because I am feeling under the weather? oh well, I am glad it is Friday, and I have the whole weekend with my family and not having them in school or work--YAY!

You all have a blessed Friday xoxoxox


Mrs. Pivec said...

Hello Julieann,

I was over at The Sparrow's Nest and was reading her comments and I saw yours. Just thought I'd visit your blog. Wow, so many changes for you! Congratulations on your pregnancy!! How exciting! :) Please stop by "my place" and visit sometime. My address is:

Jammy said...

Have a great visit with you dad, and I hope you trick that sickness right out of ya...hehe


MrsAngelena said...

I hope you feel better soon! have a great visit with your Dad!