Tuesday, September 12, 2006

The Holiday are Coming!!!

Can you believe it??? I am so excited, I absolutely love this time year! You can all have the summer time---I want fall..LOL. I was just glancing over some of my cookbooks, and I am planning what I will be baking as soon as I can get started. Cookies, breads, cakes..oh the list is endless. Also all the winter time meals, Parmesean pumpkin soup, chilli, chicken and dumplings. I also make this close to Halloween, mini mask pizzas--english muffins for the crust, sauce--and then I make funny faces for the kids, they can help decorate too ---pepparoni for the eyes, olives for the nose, green peppers for the mouth. Yes, I do celeberate Halloween, I decorate and take my children trick or treating. I don't think of it is an evil holiday, but as a fun time for the kids to play dress up and have some candy:) It is all innocent in my home, and I think I get more excited for halloween then my kids do...LOL.
My dining room table, I wrapped some fall leave garland around my basket napkin holder, and a few orange and black candles on the table also. In the guest bathroom, I put pumpkin spice potpourri in a little ceramic dish--it looks so nice, and smells so good. I don't decorate with monsters and death, but with cute pumkins and such, kwim?

On another note, my home is almost completely done--YES, I said ALMOST DONE!!!!! I just have a few boxes with odds and ends in the garage that I have to go through, but other then that, I am done!!! YAY, I love my new home--yes, I miss my home in Georgia--and I get a little tinge of sadness when I think of it--but I then just look around me now, and know that my Husband worked hard to do this, and that God has a very special reason for all this----so I am very greatfull for all that I have, my family, my friends, the health of my loved ones--and a little precious gift in my tummy---what more could I want??? Thank you God:)

You all have an absolutely wonderful day xoxox

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